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Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!!

     I promised that I would start this family “connecting the dots” by December and I am a little behind already.  Let me make a few introductions.
     My name is Anita and I live in Cleveland, TN.  One day while doing some internet connecting at my local library I discovered a program that allowed me to type in a name and the computer would find where the majority of people with that last name lived, pin point it on the map and give me an idea of how many live in the United States.  Well, Tennessee came up solid blue (full of Crye’s ) and a small speck in Texas and Wisconsin.  I was amazed.
     Several years ago I purchased a book of “Crye’s in the United States”.  Yes, I fell for the oldest sell as I thought it would give me some connections, but all it gave me was a telephone database.  I have used that to get a collection of names for this mail-out, but that is all the book was good for.  My desire for a central location for information on our special and unique name began to be born in me.  Why, I ask myself, was there not a place where I could send queries, share information, exchange information and maybe learn just where we all came from.
     This is the first “newsletter” and my request to everyone is that you write me, sharing any story, tale, memory, copy of marriage, Bible, birth, or death record that you are willing to share.  If you have a will, or know of one that you could copy or even a history that someone in your family wrote for posterity reasons, please send this to me via mail or email and I will share this with everyone and maybe we can "connect all the dots".
     There are only a few of us, 250 with the last name of Crye/Cry, but with relatives, I think we could come up with much to share.
     Happy hunting and I look forward to hearing from each of you with what history you might know.  This newsletter is free and will be published three times a year.  April, August and December.  If information and stories come in we may got o four a year, but that is in the future.  Today, I will concentrate on Issue one, volume one.
     Welcome to the Crye/Cry family newsletter.  I earnestly request your input, queries, information, and help.         Anita


     William Crye applied for Revolutionary pension while he was living in McMinn County, TN where he drew a pension on the 1832 list.  He was 80 years old when he made his application, making him born about 1752/4.  He was a native of the Isle of Man, but came to America when he was a child and was reared in Chester, PA.  He moved to North Carolina and was volunteered under Capt. Hagan in Mecklenburg County, NC.  He volunteered again under Capt. John Drummond in Greenville, SC.  Other officers under who he served were Co.. Thomas Neel/Noel and Col. Ezekial Polk under whom he fought the Indians.  He was, for a time, at Prince’s Fort and then at Wofford’s Fort.  Next, he was in a company of horse under Capt. John Foster, Col Henry Hampton and General Sumter and was assigned the duty of searching for Tories.  In 1780 he served under General Gates.  After leaving North Carolina he lived in South Carolina, Hale County, GA, and in Tennessee.  He died August 30, 1835.  He married Sarah Hagan, April 8, 1779.  She drew a pension in Bradley County and died February 8, 1844.  I found on the internet that the annual allowance was $29.16 and the amount they received was $72.90.  A page from their Bible was enclosed with her application showing their marriage date.  (And the marriage of their son, William Crye, Jr. To Elizabeth Barker on August 11, 1822).
    William Crye and Sarah Hagan, daughter of Captain William and Mary Hagen, had twelve children that we are aware of.  In the abstract of the Revolutionary War Pension files the following children are listed.
1.  Calron born August 27, 1780
2.  William, Jr born May 19, 1782
3.  Hugh born November 5, 1784
4.  Joseph born March 5, 1789
5.  Sarah born September 12, 1791
6.  Mary born January 20, 1794
7.  John born June 11, 1796
8.  Isabel born August 10,1798
9.  James born January 7, 1801
10.  David born February 5, 1803 and
12.  Johnathan born September 7, 1806
      In the pension papers mention is made that the soldier’s brother, John Crye, made affidavit on December 18, 1839 in McMinn County, TN.  There was a John Crye in Blount/Monroe/McMinn Counties, TN during that time.
      I have received information from Larry Crye about a short history he received from his great uncle, Frank Crye, who is said to have had a great memory, especially for detail.  In those several pages “Uncle Frank” lists three brothers, and possibly a fourth who came to America from Ireland (?).  three of the brothers were John, Elias, and Elihu.  I am certain the fourth was William.
     A connection of mine in Blount County, TN told me that John Alexander Crye, born 1772 married Martha Jones and had 10 children.  Both are buried at Williamson Cemt in Blount County, TN.  I think these two Johns are the same one.  The paper from Larry Crye states that John, Elias, and Elihu are all buried in the Williamson Cemt.  There are two stones that read:
Elias Crye
 Elihu Crye
     John and William are pretty well guaranteed to be brothers because of John signing the affidavit for William in 1839.  The article I received also placed two additional brothers, Elias and Elihu as brothers to John.  It seems like the birth ages of these two, 1825 and 1819, compared to John’s birth in 1772, and William who married Sarah Hagen being born in 1752, are a little spaced, but I only have questions here.  Do you have the answer?  Are you a descendant from Elias or Elihu?  These could be the brothers to John, mentioned in the notes from Larry Crye.
     Taken from the Blount County Cemetery Book, Williamson Cemt. We find.
John Crye
March 23, 1772
January 20, 1859
     The article from Larry mentions that John Crye, born 1772, had a son named John Shimmon Crye, born 1830 and died 1863 as a martyr in the Civil War.  He states that the name “Shimmon” came from his grandmother.  In another correspondence, from Earl Crye of New Mexico, he states that John’s grandmother’s name was Margaret Catherine Shimmon, daughter of John Shimmin of Kirk German, Isle of Mann.
      The will of John, b 1727, father of John b 1772 states:
105, p 218.  JOHN (X) CRYE.  27 Jan 1794.  prb in Jul 1808 Ct. 

     Being weak in body, I give my wife Catherine a third of the profit from my land together with the (use of the?) dwelling house I live in, the barn and other outbuildings during her life.
     I give to my son David the house I now live in with its outbuildings, 200A on which the house stands out of a 400-acre tract, and an adj parcel of 50 A out of a tract of 100 A last taken up by me.  I give to my son John my old plantation to 182 A together with the other 50 A out of the 100 A mentioned above.  I give to my son James the other 200 A out of the 400 acre tract.
     I give to my daughter Isabella a sorrel mare, two cows, two feather beds and bedclothes, and her saddle.  I give to my daughter Sarah, wife of Andrew Walker, and to my daughter Catherine, wife of Joshua Gordon, each a cow. I give to my son William and my daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Walker, each a Spanish milled dollar.  All the balance of my personal estate is for the use of my wife. 
     Exrs: Son David and son-in-law Thomas Walker. 
     Wit: Archibald and John McCorkle and Elizabeth (C) Gordon.

     Now, the will gives us the names of his wife as Catherine, sons David, John, James and William.  He also lists daughters as Isabella, Sarah, Catherine, and Margaret. Reason has it that if John and William were born on the IOM, then this John, being their father, was also from there.  He must have married his wife there as his children appear to have been born there.
      So, we have our start.  John Crye, born 1727 on the IOM married Catherine  Shimmon and had eight children who are listed in his will.
William b 1752/4- d 8/30/1835  m Sarah Hagan 4/8/1779
David    m Jean Elliott 1/12/1797 Mecklenburg Co. NC marriages
Isabella    m William Craig 1794  Mecklenburg Co. NC marriages
Sarah    m Andrew Walker
Catherine    m Joshua Gordon
Margaret    m Thomas Walker
     Let’s take a look at the will for a few moments.  John (b1727) leaves something to each of his children including his wife.  However, he left to his son William and daughter Margaret, wife of Thomas Walker, each a Spanish milled dollar.  Several people that I have spoken to claims that John (b1727) is trying to make a statement. Either he was disowning them by giving them only a dollar or they were well enough off and didn’t need the inheritance as much as the others.  I do know that John Walker (father to Thomas and Andrew Walker) left his complete estate to son Thomas.  See the will which follows:
John Walker, May 8, 1804, probated in July 1904 court

    Being very sick and weak of body, I give to my son Andrew Walker and to my daughter Nancy Walker $1 each; to my daughter Jane Hoey $50, if my estate will admit after payment of my debts, otherwise $1; and to my son Robert Walker $1.  I will to my son Thomas Walker all the remainder of my estate, both real and personal. 
    Sole Exr;  Son Thomas. 
    Wit: Hugh McCrory and James and John Crye, Isaac Alexander, CMC

 Any thoughts on this?  Please share!!!

Mecklenburg County
North Carolina

    There are three additional wills listed in Book B, abstracts of NC Wills.  One is for James Crye, one for Samuel Crye and one for William Hagen.
They are as follows:
Will #1 SAMUEL CRY.  31 July 1803, prb in Jan 1804 Ct by Samuel Adams.
     Being sick and weak, I give to my sister Sarah half of the land left to me by my father, all my household and kitchen furniture, and my feather bed and furniture, and to my brother John I give my  rifle gun and wearing apparel.  It is my will that my two horses, plantation tools, a loom and a table, and all other articles not mentioned, be sold and the proceeds used to pay my debts with any residue going to my sister Sarah. 
     Exrs: Sister Sarah and Jacob Ormond. 
     Wit: Samuel Adams, John Thompson, and Shared Gray.  Isaac Alexander, CMC.
Will #2 JAMES CRY.  3 Mar 1794, prb in Oct 1803 Ct. 
     Being sick and weak in body, I will that my land be equally divided between my sons John and Samuel; I give to my daughter Sarah four cows and two heifers, a third of my sheep plus five ewes, my bay horse, two feather beds and furniture, and half of my pewter and iron pots with the other half going to my son Samuel.  I give to my son John a cow and a heifer, and half of my swine.  My loom and gear and large wheel are to be considered the common property of my sons John and Samuel and daughter Sarah as long as they live convenient to one another.  Should one of them move away these items are to be sold and the money divided among them.  The remainder of my personal property is to be sold and the money arising divided among my two sons and daughter, and the remainder of my estate I give to my son Samuel. 
     Exrs: Sons Samuel and John Cry. 
     Wit: James and John McCorkle and Jacob Armour.
Will #3      William Hagins of North Carolina, Mecklenburg County, being weak in wife Mary Hagains, one horse Jack, Negro Friday, at her marriage or decease to the property of my beloved son John Hagins which negro I leave to support the family:  likewise to my wife one Negro girl Juliet; my three sons, Joseph Hagins, William Hagins, and John Hagins; to son Joseph one negro fellow April; to son William Hagins, one negro girl Nance and the first child she has at a year old to be given to my daughter Sarah Crye; to sons Joseph, William and John the land whereon I now live in the Indians daughter Mary Bastin (?), negro girl __________; 
     Wife Mary, son Joseph and friend William Potts, Exrs: 
    August 28, 1790, witnesses Robert Crocket and Robert King, proved October session 1790 Will book D. Pp 51-52 CR 065.801.16
    Will #3 goes along with the fourth brother William Crye who married Sarah Hagan who came to Tennessee from NC after the Revolutionary War, settling in McMinn Co. TN and dying there.
1790 Census
1880 Census
1810 Census
1790 Census Records
Alegheny Co. Penn

John Crye
Himself and one other free person

Burke Co. NC
Cry, William  20201  30110
Burke Co. NC
Crye, William  41111   2101
    four males 0-10 two females 1-10
    one male 10-16 one female 10-16
    one male 16-25 one female 26-45
    one male 26-45
    one male over 45
Salsbury Dist. Meck, Co. NC
John Crye 3 males 16 and up
   1 males 16 and under
   2 females
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Cry, David  10010  10010  01


Mecklenburg Co. NC
Crye, John   1101022   110001
   one male 0-10   one female 0-10
   one male 10-16  one female 10-16
   one male 26-45 one female over 45
   two males 60 and over
   and possibly two male slaves
Salsbury Dist. Meck, Co. NC
James Crye 3 males 16 and up
   1 males 16 and under
   2 females
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Cry, John 00111  00101  01
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Crye,  David  31010    1101001
   three males 0-10  one female 0-10
   one male 10-16  one female 10-16
   one male 26-45  one female 26-45
   and possibly one female slave
Salsbury Dist. Meck, Co. NC
William Crye
   1 males 16 and up
   3 males 16 and under
   2 females
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Cry, John 10010  30010  00
Mecklenburg Co. NC
Cry, Samuel 001000 001000

Tennessee Records state that John Crye was living in Blount County by 1820 and in 1830 he is listed there with family.


Crye, Alice L.  to  Hatcher  Samuel A. 11/03/1893 Crye, Granville  to Kizer, Maggie 12/22/1902,
Cry, Annie  to  Cunningham, Charles L. 08/23/1896 Cry, Betty  to  Woods, W.H. 01/31/1900
Crye, Caldona  to  Crye, William A. 10/19/1905 Crye, Elias to Williamson, Nancy J. 08/21/1851
Cry, Elizabeth to Carpenter, Elisha 01/12/1841 Crye, Ella to  Scott, William H. 01/15/1898
Crye, George W.  to Huffstetler, M.E. 09/01/1880 Crye, H.H.  to  Crisp, Susan 11/25/1877
Crye, J.M. (bride)  to  Tedford, W.H. 01/17/1884 Crye, John  to  Bist, (Best/Bast) Sarah C. 09/30/1857
Crye, John A.  to  Tucker, Carolyn 01/15/1871 Crye, Joseph M.  to  Best, Evaline 12/21/1884
Crye, Josephine  to  Sloan, Madison, J.C. 09/21/1875 Crye, Mahala C.  to  Anderson, Thomas 10/09/1857
Crye, Malenia E.  to  Williamson, James 01/17/1850 Crye, Nancy  to  Carpenter, Samuel T. 11/20/1851
Crye, Rebecca R.  to  Scott, Thomas E. 07/27/1854 Crye, Samuel H.  to  Baumgardner, Mattie 01/05/1845 
(this was done by J.O. Crye, JP)
Cry, Sarah to Lee, Jonathan 07/27/1843 Cry, Sarah C.  to  Armstrong, W.A. 03/19/1868
Cry, William  to  McInturff, Melissa 2/23/1896 Crye, William  to  Robinson, Mary J. 11/21/1867


     The most popular name for a Crye/Cry child is John, 2nd is William, 3rd is Charlie, 4th is Joseph, 5th is Mary, 6th is Albert, 7th Carl, 8th Ernest, 9th Esther, 10th George, 11th Hazel, 12th is Helen, 13th is James, 14th is Jennie, 15th is Lena, 16th is Ralph, 17th is Roosevelt, 18th is Ruth, 19th is Ada, 20th is Amanda, 21st is Arch, 22nd is Bennie, 23rd is Bobbie, 24th is C., 25th is Cass, 26 th is Charles, 27th is Clatie, 28th is Claude, 29th is Clayton, 30th is Curtis, 31st Daisy, 32nd Dave, 33rd David, and 34th Dean.

  Who was the Abraham Crye who witnessed a will in Burke Co. NC August 2, 1813 for Jacob Settlemire?

1870 and 1800 Census lists heads of households only:

    I have listed the whole families when I had them in my files.  If you are interested in any of these with a copy of the original census record please write and I will get this for you and mail it back.

1880 East Tennessee Census
  • Armstrong, W.A. 39; Sarah C. 42; Dollie Ann; Crye, G.H., 21; Crye, Martha Jane 18; Crye, John R.15.
  • Cry, Elizabeth 90,  Polk Co #11
  • Cry, Edith 58 Bradley County #349
  • Cry, Henry 35 Bradley County #351
  • Crye, Hugh H; 35 Blount Co. #90
  • Cry, Hugh H. 35; Susan A. 25 (wife); Dora A. 7; David R. 2; Mary E. 6; Martha V. 2; O’Neal, Lucinda 49, widow; O’Neal, William 21; O’Neal, James W. 19; O’Neal, Henry 17;
  • Cry, James 26; Bradley #349
  • Cry, John 26 Blount Co. #66
  • Cry, John 26; Caroline 26; William A. 8; Samuel H. 6; Nancy Jane L.A. 2
  • Cry, John 34 Louden Co. #403
  • Cry, Nancy 38 McMinn County #389
  • Cry, Timothy 22 McMinn County #403
  • Cry, William 46 Blount County #90
  • Williamson, Alexander 70; Mary 65; Crye, Nancy 45 (daughter), widow; Crye, William 22, gson; Tdner, Andrew 30

    1850 Tennessee Census
  • Cry, A. 29; Sarah 25   Monroe County TN
  • Cry, James 49; Mary 57; Sophia 27;   Bradley County
  • Cry, Jonathan 44; Edith 29; Eliza 8; Henry C. 5; Parmelia 3; George H. 10/12 McMinn County
  • Cry, Wiliam 67; Elizabeth 45; Sarah 24; Margaret 20; James 19; Joseph 15; William, RICHIE 20; McMinn Co.
  • Cry, David 53; Elizabeth 37; William 16; John 14;  Emeline 12; Hugh 10; Susannah 7; Joseph 3;  Blount Co.

    1860 Tennessee Census
    Cry, David 35; Celia 40; William 11; Mary 9; Martha 8; Andy 6; Ellen 4; Jos 1; Bradley Co
    Cry, David 63; Elizabeth 54; William 27; John 25; Hugh 19; Susan 15; Joseph 12; James 9 Cumberland Co
    Cry, Edward 21; Susan ADCOCK 17; Anna M. 16; Adam 12 Coffee Co.
    Cry, James 60; Mary 70; Sophia 40  Bradley Co.
    Cry, Nancy 20   Bradley Co.
    Cry, William 80; Elizabeth 58; James 26; Joseph B. 24 McMinn Co.
    Cry, Elias 32; Nancy J. 24; John A. 5; William A. 2 Blount Co.
    Cry, John S. 31; Sarah C. 22; George H. 1; Josephine 21 Blount Co.
    Walker, Hiram 38; Marian 34; Betsy 33; Joanna 69; James A. 12; Crye, John 11 Blount Co.

    1870 East Tennessee Census
  • Armstrong, Sarah 31; William A. 27; Dollie Ann 1; Crye, George H. 10; Crye, Martha 8; Crye, John R. 4 Blount Co.
  • Cry, Edith L. 48;    Bradley Co.
  • Cry, James 72   Bradley Co.
  • Cry, Nancy 28   McMinn Co.
  • Cry, Nancy J. 32   Blount Co.
  • Cry, Nancy J. 32; John A. 17; William A. 12;  Blount Co.
  • Crye, William M. 35; Mary J. 32; Joseph M. 1; Hugh H. 22; Crisp, George W. 22; Crisp Susan L. 24   (Hugh H. Crye married Susan Crisp, daughter of Rice and Sarah Crisp) Blount Co. TN
  •  Crye, Josephene 36 (living with Elisha Carpenter 53)
  • Soldiers from East Tennessee

    Crye, H.C.  Pvt K. Co. 43rd Inf Crye, Henry C. Pvt H. Co. 10th Cav
    Crye, James Pvt B. Co. 16th Inf BN Crye, Hugh Pvt H Co. 4th Inf
    Crye, James Pvt I Co. 3rd Lillards MI
    Crye, Joseph B.  Pvt H. Co. 59th MI
    Crye, Jonathan Capt F. Co. 62nd MI
    Virginia Military Records
        “An effective return of Capt. William Henry’s Company of Minute Men at Northhampton court-house in  Virginia, Feb 17, 1776”.  Listed among the men is John Crye.

       In the next issue, April 1998, I will be sending a questionnaire for you to fill out.  I am not asking you to give up your family secrets, but I am asking for their names, dates and time table of when they moved and traveled about.  This will help track who is related to whom and where they went and when.  I can’t thank you enough for your participation.  I know this will be a help to us all.
    “Connecting the dots”   Anita


    Dear Ms. Green
        My sister just called me to say you had contacted her my email.  I am so excited to think you are starting a “Crye/Cry” family newsletter.
        Please let me know about it and for sure I want to subscribe.  Rachel Crye was our great-grandmother.  She was born in Indiana (I think).  Then the family moved to Wisconsin when she was a child.  Her father was born in North Carolina and his name was John Crye.

    Ms. Green
       I received your card a couple of weeks ago regarding the Crye family.  I am also working on the family history and would be very interested in your newsletter

       Please send forms as to what you want to know about our Crye family.  Also, does this Crye newsletter cost something?  If so, please inform.
     Thank you, Ms. Crye

    Response:  I am so glad you are willing to share and help me with this endeavor.  The cost is nothing and I will be so glad to send you forms to fill out on your family, thank you, Anita.

    Please send all responses for queries to
    Anita Green
    1555 Lewis Street,
    Cleveland, TN  37311
    I will pass them along to the researchers.

    1. Looking for information on JAMES CRYE, son of John & Catherine, born 4/25/1755 New Castle, Delaware.

    2. CRYE, married Lydia Mills in Tulare County CA, 12/24/1875.  What family does he belong to and what are the children’s names.

    3. Looking for any descendants from ELISHA or ELIHU CRYE who came to Blount County about 1820 and are buried in the Williamson Cemt.

    4. Looking for anyone related to the JOHN CRYE who raised a family and lived on Sand Mountain, AL at the turn of the century.  Who is he related to?  Where are his descendants? And What is his lineage?

    5. Who were the parents of Clayton Crye from Wisconsin?

    6. I have information that the CRYE name is Manx and records at churches on the Isle of Man go back to the 1200’s.  My grandfather was JAMES SCOTT CRYE and great grandfather was JAMES HAWKINS CRYE.  Do you have any more information on these two men?

    7. I received a letter from a CRYE in Australia.  He stated that the CRYEs came to Australia in the 1800’s.  They stayed there about 2 years and the oldest son stayed in Australia, but the rest of the family moved to the USA.  Can anyone Clarify who these CRYE’s are?

    8. Searching for birth records for my great-grandfather JOHN CRYE who is in the 1850 Indiana Census.  He says he came from Virginia.  Was this a temporary stop?  Was he born there?  On some census records he says he was born in North Carolina.  He is married to Edney/Adney with 7 children in 1850.  Any help would be appreciated.

         I understand that there is a “Crye Family Reunion” some time in the late summer in Georgia.  Does anyone else know of this and who I can contact about it?
     Have you checked the internet for information to send to those who may not have and “email” connection?  If you are finding anything on the “net” email me at  Or, copy the information and mail it to me at 1555 Lewis Street NE.  I can then put it in the newsletter.
          Looking forward to hearing from more of you.            Anita