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 VOL 2

APRIL 1998

      What a great start the year has already given us.   I have been in contact with many over the internet and we have been collecting information from all sources so I could share with you and give you more information that you can fill in areas on your family tree.
      Several have written to express their joy in having a newsletter to share information and learn from their heritage.  I have one family from New York that truly isn't a direct line, but a "new" line, which is exciting on its own.
      Let me encourage you to complete the form in the center of this edition, copy it as many times as needed and fill it out with as many families in your line as you can remember.  Without your help this newsletter will dwindle for lack of information and support.  However, with your help, we will survive and become a source of information for all to look toward  in completing their family heritage.
      By the way, when I began this newsletter my family files were very full, but I have found that contacting so many new friends, my research had only scratched the surface.  I am looking  forward to getting a better and more fuller picture of the Crye/Cry family in the South, North, and even out West.
      Thank you, to each of you, again for your encouragement and help in researching our name.
Connecting the Dots  Anita
     Several have ask me about the reunion that might be in 1998.  I have tried to contact those who might have access to this information, but to no avail.  Would it be possible for those of us who want a reunion to pool our resources and plan one?
    If you are interested, please let me know so we can get plans in order, invitations on the way, and food prepared.  September or July would be a wonderful time and if that sounds good to you, let me know.  I have the mailing list and will be happy to do my part from this end.  Enclosed in this newsletter is a family history page.  If you will fill it out and mail back to me that will help in "connecting the dots."

The Oldest Cryes in the World!

Crye, Jennie 9/20/1892 10/15/1985 NY Crye, Nelle 11/17/1900 1/15/1991
Crye, Myrtle 12/3/1894 7/15/1987 TN Crye, Lulu 10/23/1892 9/15/1982 WI
Crye, Viola 10/9/1898 2/15/1991 Crye, Helen 1/25/1899 10/22/1988
Crye, Mary 12/26/1892 12/15/1984 AL Crye, Ollie 8/4/1896 9/15/1984 TN
Crye, Ida 1/9/1881 3/15/1972 TN Crye, Joe 5/12/1879 6/15/1967 GA
Crye, Jesse 12/25/1887 5/15/1978 WI Crye, Charlie 9/22/1891 4/15/1979 GA
Crye, Helen 9/9/1892 1/15/1983 WI Crye, Esther 9/28/1902 3/12/1990
     Records located on the “net” give reference to Crye families in Cleburne Co. Ark.  Land records show John Crye, wife Dora, children, Ida, Berdie, Gencie, and Allie.  John was awarded 80 acres August 18, 1890.

     A Joseph Crye in Faulkner Co. Ark, received 40 acres 4/14/1897.  No comments about children.

1820 Mecklenburg Co. NC  1830 Mecklenburg Co. NC
Crye,  John    110101 120201  Crye,  David     10001       0021001
Crye,  David    020201  210010 Crye,  David    00012101    00210001
Crye,  David    110010  13001  Crye,  Mary    00011       00002001
1840 Mecklenburg Co. NC 1850 Union Co. NC  #171-171 (same household)
Crye, David    000011001   0012  Crye, Thomas age 45
Crye, Samuel   000011      10001  Crye, Mary     age 37
Crye, James    10001      000001  Crye, William  age 41
1850 Union Co. NC  #424-424 1860 Union Co. NC  page 823 #205
Crye, James  age 35
         Sarah  age 41
         Lydia A. age 6
        William age 42
Crye, Thomas  54 born NC 
         William   52 born NC 
          Mary     37 born NC
1860 Union Co. NC page 866 #533 1860 Union Co. NC page 866 #534
Hannah,  Samuel  61
              Nancy   61
Adams,   David   17
Crye,     Nancy  20  (insane)
Crye,  Samuel 50
          Sally     53
          Ann      16


     Census records can tell us much and while looking for information on the Family Tree Maker Mortality Schedule 1850-1880 USA, I have found that a Crye family was in Kansas, Doniphan County, in 1870.  John, age 76, a farmer, died of an aneurism.  In 1860, Whiteside County, IL a young son, age one, died of lung fever.  His name was Colonel Crye.
      I don't know which family these belong to, but I am searching.  If you have a clue, let me know.
check out this website:
and this one



      In the last newsletter I printed the following will.  Not knowing if you might have the old copy on hand, I wanted to seek your opinion.  Reading this will, I find at the end it lists the executers.  The very first few names are Sister Sarah and Jacob Ormond.  Would you take this to mean that Sarah was wife of Jacob Ormond?  Would he have listed her as Sarah Crye and Jacob Ormond?

     Samuel Crye.  July 31, 1803, probated in January 1804 Court by Samuel Adams.  Being sick and weak, I give to my sister Sarah half of the land left to me by my father, all my household and kitchen furniture, and my feather bed and furniture, and to my brother John I give my rifle gun and wearing apparel.  It is my will that my two horses, plantation tools, a loom and a table, and all other articles not mentioned, be sold and the proceeds used to pay my debts with any residue going to my sister Sarah.  Exrs: Sister Sarah and Jacob Ormond. Wit: Samuel Adams, John Thompson, and Shared Gray.  Isaac Alexander, CMC.

     Take a close look at the writing and send me your thoughts.  Maybe we should look for Jacob Ormond and a marriage to a Sarah Crye.  Being as it was probated in 1804 no records of wives names appeared until 1850, however we may find a Sarah Ormond in the area.  If you have access to the Census for NC, Mecklenburg County 1810-1850 could someone look this up for me?
     Thank you for your input.

Kindred Konnections
U.S. Social Security Death Index
Crye, Bobbie died 1951 Crye, Donald   died   1969 Crye Hattie   died   1972
Crye, Ernes died  1961 Crye, Henry   died   1969 Crye, Ida    died   1972
Crye, Charles died   1962 Crye, Ira    died   1969 Crye, Lena   died   1972
Crye, Dave   died   1964 Crye, Sherman   died   1969 Crye, George   died   1973
Crye, William   died   1964 Crye, Daisy   died   1970 Crye, Roosevelt  died   1973
Crye, Horace   died   1965 Crye, Jeffie   died   1970 Crye, Roy    died   1973
Crye, Clayton  died   1966 Crye, Porter   died   1970 Crye, William   died   1973
Crye, Emanuel   died   1966 Crye, F.    died   1971 Crye, Amanda   died   1974
Crye, Johnathan  died   1966 Crye, G.    died   1971 Crye, Ernest   died   1974
Crye, Dessie   died   1967 Crye, Cas    died   1972 Crye, John   died   1974
Crye, Joe    died   1967 Crye,  Harold   died   1972 Crye, John   died   1974



      Last issue we listed the children of John born 1727 IOM and Catherine.  I have received letters and documents stating that her name was Catherine Shimon.  Their children were listed as William, David, John, James, Isabella, Sarah, Catherine, and Margaret.

 Let's take the first son William.   William Crye born ca 1755 m/ Sarah Higgins/Hagan

Children of William and Sarah are:
Catron     born    8/27/1780 NC Joseph     born    3/5/1789  GA/TN Isabel      born     8/10/1798 GA/TN
William Jr   born    5/19/1782 SC Sarah      born     9/12/1791 GA/TN James     born     1/7/1801  GA/TN
Hugh      born     11/5/1784 GA/TN Mary     born     1/20/1794 GA/TN David     born     2/5/1803  GA/TN
Mary      born     12/8/1786 GA/TN John      born    6/18/1796 GA/TN Jonathan    born     9/7/1806  GA/TN
     I have received information from Michael P. Shaver, LaCross WI and he has Joseph being born in 1781 in the Carolinas and marrying "Anna" about 1800.   The following are a list of Joseph and Anna's children:
  1) Hewitt born abt 1801, married Penelope Cook, December 15, 1831, Bartholomew, Indiana.
  2) Cintha born about 1802, married Adam Smith, October 2, 1831, Bartholomew, Ind.
  3) Elizabeth, b ca 1802, NC, m/Caleb Bowman, 3/15/1832, Bartholomew Co. Ind. d. WI.
  4) Penelope, b ca 1803, m/ Solomon Stout 6/30/1835, Bartholomew, Ind.
  5) Polly, b ca 1803, m/William Irick 11/10/1840, Bartholomew, Ind.
  6) Nelson, b ca 1804, m/Eliza Jane Raines, 5/22/1845, Bartholomew, Ind.
  7) Mary, b ca 1805, m/John Goss, 10/14/1849, Bartholomew, Ind.
  8) Ephraim, b ca 1806.
  9) John, b ca 1807, NC, d ca 1872, Stanton, Dunn Co. WI.
Notes for Caleb Bowman:
     I was born in North Carolina, July 19, 1807.  Lived with my father till I was in my twenty-fourth year, when I went to Indiana.  I was married to Elizabeth Crye, March 18, 1832 in Bartholomew County, Indiana.  I then started out to visit my father in Missouri; worked at the Salt Works on Mud River; hired to a man to go to New Orleans on the boat; on my return I contracted the measles.  Landed at Cairo, and though very sick, walked all the way to father's.  Uncle Tom Spencer was called and pronounced me in danger.  I was placed over a kettle of boiling water and spicewood, and then put to bed.  It was March before I was able to be around.  As soon as able, I left for Illinois and subsequently lived for varying periods as follows:  In Champaign and Tazewell Counties, Ill., Howard and Tippecanoe Counties, Indiana; thence to Richland County, Wis.  Moved thence in August, 1855 to Iowa.  The June following, returned to Wisconsin.  Back to Indiana in 1859,
and returning to Wisconsin in 1861.  I have since lived alternately in the counties of Eau Claire and Richland.  Am now, March 1887, in Richland.
    During my residence of something over eleven years in Illinois, I was a member of the Methodist Church.  Upon going to Indiana, I joined Christian Church and since then have been an elder in that church.  As for other positions, I have been a member of the town board and chaplain of the Grange Lodge.
    My brothers, Joshua, William and John, and sister, Celia, were all born in North Carolina, Burke County.  Celia married Drury Wills.
    Now to my own children:  Spicey Ann, born in Indiana, April 21, 1833; Joseph S., born in Champaign Co., Ill; John and Jonathan will furnish you the required information in their own cases.

[Signed] Caleb Bowman
    West Lima WI,      March 1887

Children of Caleb Bowman and Elizabeth Crye

 1)  Cynthia, b 2/3/1836, IND, d 5/21/1843.
 2)  Spice, b 4/21/1838, Columbus, IND, m/ William Alvord.
 3)  Joseph S., b 2/19/1839 m/Mary Sayers
 4)  John G., b 10/26/1842 Tazewell Co. IL, m/ Mina Randolph.
 5)  Elizabeth, b 4/27/1844 d 10/30/1867.
 6)  Jonathan C., b 10/18/1846, Howard County, IND, m/ Eliza Vandyke.
 7)  Catherine, b 6/21/1849, d 10/30/1850.


Chippewah County WI, Platt book 1888, list of owners and townships they owned property in.
Alex Crye, township 28, N. Range 8 W

 Siftings from the Morrilton Democrat newspaper, 1929, Arkansas newspaper Index.
 D.T. Crye page 135
 Mrs. D. T. Crye page 135
 Madeline Crye page 91
 Miss Willie Bell Crye page 67, 135
 Willie Bell Crye page 135

    I do not have access to these records, but understand there is a book that this extract is from.  If someone would look these records up, using the page numbers we could possibly have access to another family, or at least one that has been a dead end for some.  Your help would be appreciated.                Anita
   Here it is, the next issue and the questionnaire that I said I would be sending for all to fill out.  You can make plenty of copies to complete your family tree that you are aware of.  Please take the time to work on these and send them to me.  I have heard from many of you, so I know you will want each line as complete as possible.  Thank you for your time.
Dear Ms. Green,
   I enjoyed your newsletter a lot.  Keep 'em coming, it was so interesting.  If you have a few more left, could you please send three of them out to my sons and ex-husband?  Please add them to your mailing list as they would enjoy them like I did.
   Ms. Crye
Ms. Green:
   It is good to hear from you and yes, I did get your post.  I do have a question.  Does anyone have any information on our relationship to the "tribe of dog" of the Cherokee Nation?  My grandmother passed away when I was 7 years old and she was the only one I know of who may have been able to really tell the connection.  My wife also has Cherokee blood from the "tribe of coon", however this connection seems lost too.
    I am really looking forward to the next newsletter, you are doing a great job!.  If I can be of any help, I will try to do what I can.  Oh yes, are there any Crye's left on the Isle of Mann?  I was talking to an O'Malley who said that the people of Mann were either fisherman or pirates, I wonder which our ancestors were?

Please send all responses for queries to
Anita Green
1555 Lewis Street
Cleveland, TN  37311
I will pass them along to the researchers.

1.   N.F. CRYE, married Lydia Mills in Tulare County, CA December 24, 1875. What family does he belong to and what are the children's names?  Will probated in Tulare County  March 1, 1889.

2.    Looking for any descendants from Elisha or Elihu CRYE who came to Blount County about 1820 and are buried in the Williamson Cemt.

3.   Searching for parents of Thomas CRYE (1858 - 1926) who married Elizabeth HANNAH (1868 -1929).   Both are buried in Avon Cemetery, NY.

4.   Seeking information of David CRYE who married Hettie FUTCH, March 13, 1874 in Scott County MS.

5.   Australia Crye's.  Elizabeth Catherine Corkill, chr 1833 Jurby IOM, mother was Eliza CRYE, father John CRYE.  Eliza had a sister Ann who also came to Australia, but cannot find out when.  Do you connect with this family.

6.   Joseph CRYE from IOM, owned a farm in Jurby Parish in 1643.  The farm  belonged to Gibbon McCray in 1515.  Are you a descendant from this Joseph CRYE?  Where is additional information located?  Have you heard that the name was originally McCray or McCrie and possibly shortened?

7.   Interested in Margaret CRYE who married Thomas WALKER.  Also, Sarah CRYE, who married Andrew WALKER.  (possibly Walker brothers married Crye sisters) Andrew and Sarah (Crye) Walker had a daughter, Elizabeth Walker who married James Newell Houston.

8.   Seeking parents of Melissa CARDEN, mother of Rebecca Jane CASH who married Joseph Henderson CRYE.