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     Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and welcome to the Crye/Cry family newsletter.  I can hear many of you now as you become more excited in your searches for your families line.  Each discovery, each name find, families in distant locations and states you never dreamed of are writing to share information and ask if you are related to such and such.  As Genealogists, each time we receive a letter, notification, or query, about some distant connection we are like little children at present opening time, excited and thrilled for each new tidbit of information which will lead us to a better understanding of our family lines, and connections.  This year is no different, 1999 promises to bring many new connections and completions of the family tree for the Cry/Crye families.  I hope you are as excited as I am about each search and each find.  My plans are to be back in the libraries, meeting with members of the Elias Crye line in Blount County, TN and even having a family reunion in 1999.  Yes, a family reunion for anyone connected to the Crye/Cry family name.  We have made plans to meet in Maryville, TN on June 12, 1999.  I have been in contact with John Crye of Illinois, as he was responsible for the last reunion we had heard about, and several others who have requested that we meet again before we loose contact with members of our family.
      I visited the grave of John, born in 1772 and died 1859, at the Williamson Chapel Church Cemetery.  I have checked on three specific locations near the cemetery where there will be ample parking, building space and interest.  I believe we will all find the graves within walking distance, or at least no more than one mile from our reunion location.  I will be sending directions in the April edition of the newsletter so we can all have a specific map and be able to make our plans.  I am so excited and look forward to seeing each of you that can come.   “Connecting the Dots”.           Anita



James J Crye from GA, Co. C, 9th Battn GA Artillery
     His first enlistment consists of five cards, stating he enlisted in Columbus, GA April 1, 1862 for three years.  Born in NC, height 5ft 6in, with black hair, and black eyes with dark complexion.  He was a farmer weighing 135 pounds, age 34.  April/May roll call he is listed as present and charged a tailor bill for his uniform, costing 18.00.  June 10, 1862 he is listed with a Bounty Payroll card paying $50.00 and he is present, May & June 1862 he is listed as present last paid by H.T. Massingale.  Remarks say he died May 21, 1862.  Index to GA pensioners states, James Crye, served Co C 9th Battn GA ART, see Francis Spinks, wd of, Marion Co. GA.  (I am assuming that his widow married a Spinks, however I could find no additional reference to a Cry/Spinks relation)  (According to my records he is the son of David and Holly Elizabeth Tuck.  David is the son of Sarah Hagan & William Crye.)

James Cry  Co. B 16 Batt'n (Neal's)
      His military record consists of four cards, he enrolled in Athens Tn May 31, 1862 for 3 years, he was on roll May to August 1862 and was charged 36.80 for use of horse, and Sept and Oct 1862 he was transferred to Co. I, 12, TN Vols.  His military papers there consist of nine cards and he is in Lillard's Tenn Mtd Inf.  from may to August 1863 he is present in Decatur TN, he was captured at Big Black May 17, 1863 by the Army of the Tennessee and sent to Memphis TN May 25, 1863, the last six cards he is listed as a Prisoner of War, sent from Camp Mort, Ind to Fort Delaware, June 22, 1863.  Apparently he tried to escape in Memphis because the next card states he was captured in Raymond, Miss May 22, 1863.  The next card says he was sent from Fort Delaware, Del to City Point, VA for exchange, however a hand written note at the bottom of the card states he died in the hospital in Ft. Delaware June 23, 1863.  The last two cards were dated in June with no additional information. This is the James Crye  buried at Finn's Point, Salem New Jersey.

Joseph B. Crye, Co. H, 59th TN Mtd Inf.  Cooke's Regt.
      He enlisted in Athens, TN, McMinn County April 14, 1862 for 12 months.  He was age 25.  He appears on Roll for May & June, 1862 as absent, the note says he is sick at home in McMinn Co. TN.  On the Sept & Oct roll he is listed as present and on the November & December roll he is listed as Deceased November 23, 1862.  (James and Joseph B. Crye are sons of William and Elizabeth Barker, son of William and Sarah Hagan Crye.

J.E. Crye from MS, 36th Inft Co F.  (No MS information available from my library)

Jonathan Crye, TN 62nd Mtd Inf Co F, only three cards available.
      He enlisted September 24, 1862 in Louden, Louden County TN under Capt James Blair for three years.  He was present January 1, 1863 for roll call.  He is listed present March and April roll call for 1863 but the handwritten note at the bottom lists:  died April 9, 1863 in Regimental Hospital.  Following this company we found the battle was in Vicksburg MS.  McClure's group fought in the December conflict and February listing 9 wounded and 9 killed.  The next skirmish was in May/June so Jonathan was one of the 9 wounded in the February conflict and died in April.  This was my gggrandfather.  No additional information is known of his military activity.  None of the Tennessee Crye's were pensioned.

Richard Crye, GA 12th Inf Co. K.
      His military records consists of only four cards.  He enlisted June 15, 1861 in Buena Vista LA under Capt Breedford, was present for roll call, never paid.  His name appears on a register of Claims of Deceased Officers and Soldiers from Georgia March 17, 1862.  He was due $114.96 an din October 1861 he is listed as killed October 3, 1861 at the battle of Bartow.  In a book entitled Roster of GA Conf Soldiers I found, Richard Crye, Pvt 6/15/1861, killed at Greenbrier River WVA, October 3, 1861.

H.C. Crye, Co. K 43rd Tenn Inf
      He has 14 cards in his military file. The first card May & June states he joined for 12 months, enlisting December 12, 1861 from Cleveland, TN.  The card is dated May & June 1862, H.C. is present with the remark, Joined by transfer from 36th Regt Tennessee Vol on June 23, substituted by Gen M.M. Cooper.  He is present July & August 1862.  On the Sept & October 1862 card it states he joined in Ooltewah, TN (which is about 30 miles from Cleveland, TN), he is present on each of the following cards through May & June 1863.  July & August he is listed as absent, the remarks state he was paroled at Vicksburg and has not reported to his company.  The next card is a Roll of prisoners of war.  It lists he was captured July 4, 1863 at Vicksburg.  There is a list of one prisoner of War record dated July 9, 1863 stating:  To all whom it may concern, know ye that I H.C. Cry, a private of Co. K 43rd Regt TN Vols, CSA being a prisoner of war, in the hands of the United States Forces, in virtue of the capitulation of the City of Vicksburg and its garrison, by Lieut. Gen John C. Pemberton, . CSA, commanding on the 4th day of July, 1863, do in pursuance of the terms of said capitulations, give this my solemn parole under oath--- That I will not take up arms again against the United States, nor serve in any military, police, or constabulary force in any Fort, Garrison or Field work, held by the Confederate States of America, against the United States of America, nor as guard of prisons, depots or stores, nor discharge any duties usually performed by Officers or soldiers, against the United States of America, until duly exchanged by the proper authorities.  Attested by J.N. Hickin?  H.C. Cry (his mark), Sworn to and subscribed before me at Vicksburg, Miss, this 9th day of July 1863.  20th Regt Illinois Vol, Capt and Paroling officer.


Kindred Konnections
U.S. Social Security
Death Index

Crye, Clatie died 1983 Crye, Jennie  died 1985 Crye, Theodore  died 1989
Crye, David  died 1983 Crye, Pearl  died 1985 Crye, Esther  died 1990
Crye, Helen  died 1983 Crye, Sandy  died 1985 Crye, Jewell  died 1990
Crye, Ralph  died 1983 Crye, Dean  died 1987 Crye, Paul  died 1990
Crye, Robert  died 1983 Crye, Myrtle  died 1987 Crye, Herbert  died 1991
Crye, Frank  died 1984 Crye, Arch  died 1988 Crye, J.  died 1991
Crye, Mary  died 1984 Crye, William  died 1988 Crye, Nelle  died 1991
Crye, Ollie  died 1984 Crye, Curtis  died 1989 Crye, Viola  died 1991
Crye, Shirley  died 1984 Crye, Juanita  died 1989 Crye, William  died 1991
Crye, Carl  died 1985 Crye, Ada  died 1992

          continued next issue

The next soldier is a Union soldier listed as Henry C. Crye.

Henry C. Crye Co. H 10th Tenn CAV "Union"
      There are eleven military cards in his file, listing his age as 19, Mustered in at Chattanooga, TN for 3 years on Feb 2, 1864.  He is listed present from Feb 1864 through June 1865.  His last settlement was made in June 1865 with him drawing 104.19 and owing the U.S. $34.65.

Final listing,
Hugh Crye, Co H. 4th Tn Inf Union Soldier.
      There are nine cards in his military file with the first listing he was born in Macon Co. TN, age 23 years, enlisted July 4th 1864 in Kingston, TN for 3 years.  He has gray eyes, light hair, dark complexion, height 5ft 8in.  He is listed as present from July 1864 until August 1865 when he is mustered out owing the U.S. army $46.89.  He was age 24 at this time.  Now, this might be the H.C. Crye listed earlier.  I just don't know.
 There were no Crye's from any other Southern state.

Listings from Georgia

Crye Enumerations in the GA Census: 1820-1870

(1)  The Index of the 1820 Georgia Census did not list any Cry or Crye. George Cryer was enumerated in Morgan Co GA and John Cryer in Clarke Co GA, but  have not checked them yet.

(2) The Index of the 1830 Georgia Census listed William Crye, Sr and  William Crye, Jr,.  Both were in Hall Co GA living next to each other.  Patty Cryer was listed in Camden Co GA, but that is a coastal county on the FL border.

Wm Crye Sr., enumerated as follows:
1 male, 80-90;
3 males, 20-30;
2 females 5-10;
2 females, 40-50;
1 female,
60-70. (9 in the household.)
Page 94 in the Hall Co GA Census.

Wm Crye Jr. was living next to Wm.Crye Sr and enumerated as follows:
1 male, 40-50;
2 females, 5 or under;
1 female, 5-10;
1 female, 20-30. (5 in household.)
Page 94 in the Hall Co GA Census.

(3) The Index of the 1840 Georgia Census had no Cry or Crye listed.

(4) The Index of the 1850 Georgia Census listed David and James Cry, but they were in the same household in Talbot Co GA.

David Cry was enumerated as follows:
David, 50, Farmer, 800 Value, NC;
Holly, 39, NC;
James, 21, Student, NC;
Louisa, 14, NC;
John, 12, NC;
Richard, 10, GA;
William, 8, GA;
Sarah, 2 months; GA.
The Census was recorded 20 Aug 1850. Pages 234 and 236 in the Talbot Co GA Census. Note: page 235 is out of place in this Census

Both David and James Cry are in household 161 of the 17th District.

(5) The Index of the 1860 Georgia Census listed no Cry or Crye. Drucilla Cryer and Jacob Cryer were listed in the Franklin Co GA Census and a John M. Crwte or Crwite was listed in Whitfield Co GA.  Whitfield shares a border with TN.  I think that the Census Taker wrote Crwite or Crwte. Anyway I recorded this particular household just in case it is a Crye.

John M Crwite (?) was enumerated as follows:
Jno M Crwte (?), 30, Farmer, 800, VA;
Virginia, 5, GA;
Susan E, 3, GA;
Lucinda Moore, 23, GA;
James Moore, 36, Rock Mason, Ireland;
Mary J Moore, 22, GA.
 They are all in household 807, City of Dalton, pages 624 and 625, 1860 Whitfield Co GA Census recorded 17 July 1860.

(6) The Index of the 1870 Georgia Census listed four (4) Cry households in four (4) counties of GA.  They are as follows:

John Cry was enumerated as follows:
John Cry, 27, Farm Laborer, 100, GA;
Hester Ann, 32, Keeping House, GA;
William, 8, GA;
Franklin, 6, GA;
Mary Ann, 3, GA;
Robert, 1, GA.
Page 547, Household 560, Barretts District, Dawson Co GA, recorded 23 July 1870.

John Cry was enumerated as follows:
John Cry, 30, Engineer Locomotive Driving (?), TN;
(Could not read but might be Annie. The "nnie" is clear but the first letter or first two letters are unclear)
 __nnie, 22, No occupation, GA;
Kate, 1, GA.

The Cry family is in household 916, page 806 of Bibb Co GA, recorded 30 June 1870.  The household appears to have been a boarding house in Macon GA.  The head of the household was:

Charles Wyly, 35, ___?___ Repair Shop, 200, England;
Margaret, 24, Keeping House, GA;
Eddy, 4, GA.

Others in the household were:
John Ellis, 43, Carpenter, VA; and
William F__?_y (?), 17, Laborer, GA.

Winnie E. Cry was enumerated as follows:
Winnie E Cry, 27, No occupation, NC;
Susan 2, At home, GA.

Winnie and Susan are in household 1032, page 117 of Whitfield Co GA, recorded 23 Aug 1870.   The household appears to have been headed by:
John Shelton, 52, Day Laborer, 200, NC;
Susan 53, Keeping house, NC.

Also in the household were:
Sarah M Brinkley, 25, No occupa-tion; GA;
John W. Brinkley, 2, At home, GA;
James Shelton, 16, Day laborer; GA;
Mary (?) Shelton, 10, At Home, GA;
Rosey A Shelton, 11, At home, GA.

 Joseph A Cry was enumerated as follows:

Joseph A Cry, 11 (sic), Farm hand, TN.
Page 373, household 445 of Forsyth
Co GA, recorded 22 July 1870.

Joseph was in the household of
John Wallace, 23, Farmer, $125, GA; and
John’s family

 I assume that some Crye households were missed in the Index because there seems to be gaps that should not exist.

From Larry Crye
in Ohio:

This family history is a written, memorial history from Uncle Frank

Continued from Issue 3 Vol 1
      Now let’s go back and say something about this probable fourth Crye brother mentioned earlier in this article who lives on Sand Mountain in Alabama, about 25 miles from Chattanooga, TN.  His name is John Crye, a little older than I am.  He has two sons, Sherman and Herschel.  Also a daughter.  They all have homes there on the farm which consists of 900 acres.  I visited these Cryes in 1964 to find out from John if he knew who his grandfather Crye’s name was.  He couldn’t tell me.  That was exactly what I wanted to know, but he did say his father lived and raised his family in McMinn County, which is only about 40 miles from Blount County, TN.  I believe he said his father’s name was Jake (Jacob) Crye, which, like these other three men’s names were Bible names.  John, Elihew, and Elias.  These Sand Mountain Cryes are farmers.  They have 60 acres of strawberries, raise 40,000 bushel of early Irish potatoes, then a late crop of spuds potatoes similar to the early crop.  They raise other vegetables, cabbage by the tons, beans, acres of tomatoes, melons and many other vegetables.  They have their own irrigation system from man made ponds.  They employ about one hundred hands with their own force.  Everybody  works on that farm, women the same as men.  They harvest, wash and grade their potatoes right there, weighed them and they are government inspected and sacked, ready for market.  I noticed a large semi-truck being loaded which was from Indianapolis, another one waiting from Chicago to be loaded.  I notice they had many Mexicans working for them.  He said some of them had been with them for years.  This Sand Mountain, they said, was bout 50 miles long and about 30 miles wide so you see, it’s no small territory by no means.  Thus ends my trip and investigation with the Cryes on the plateau or mountain.  But, we are still of the opinion these Cryes are relatives of ours.  One other item I must include.  All the people whom I mention in this investigation or family tree, from every side of the house, voted the “Republican” ticket so far as I can discern.  Even back to those three old boys, brothers, who left Ireland to see other portions of the world,  On the way over it took six weeks, now it takes six hours.
      Now we move on to have some words to say about the third generation consisting of John Shimmon and Sally Crye’s three children, George, Martha Jane and my father John Riley Crye.  From the marriages of these three people comes 25 people who represent the fourth generation.  Seven people I will have more to say (about), which is myself and my brothers and sisters.  John Riley Crye was married to Martha Elizabeth Conner, New Years day, January 1, 1888.      He  was  25 years, she was 20 years old.  Then, January 13, 1889, I made my appearance into this world, their first child.  Other six children followed as time moved, three boys and three girls.  John Shimmon was second in line, followed by a sister Maude, then three years later W. Glenn came, another three years later, W. Clyde came upon the scene, followed by Ova M.  Then last, after a lapse of 4 1/2 years came N. Thelma to round out the seven children of John Riley and Elizabeth Conner Crye.
      My grandpa Conner was a school teacher and a J.P.  They both, William Camel and Nancy McCoy Conner, were church goers.   Presbyterians of the old school, very strict.  They were full Irish, like the Cryes, so looks like I must be Irish, begorah!  Father went over into Louden County to get his beloved.  His Uncle Allison Scott lived within a mile of grandpa and grandma Connor.  Then his other uncle, Tom Anderson lived only two miles away.  So, things seemed to fall in place pretty well in his favor of wooing his girl.  The Scotts and Andersons, neighbors of the William Conner family.
      I noticed that the other girl of these six, married a Lee, which gave father other first cousins who has visited him occasionally.  My father had, according to my count, 60 first cousins and I had 50 first cousins.
      My father and mother were church members, belonging to Union Grove Baptist church.  They always made a pont to be present with their seven children when church convened.  Father was a lifetime deacon serving down through   many   years.    Mother, being
raised  a  strict  Presbyterian,  joined the Baptist church on her own.  Father never one time asked her to join.  She and I  and my brother Shimmon were all three baptized on Sunday afternoon by Rev. Tom Ward in the waters of Nine Mile Creek.
      We had a happy home, a warmth of good Christian atmosphere always prevailing.  We were led and grounded in the faith.  The standard of Christian living was always honored, revered, and held high with an unfaltering faith that has left its mark  on all of us children.  So deeply ingrained within us,  it  is a source today of encouragement to me as I try to faithfully ride out the battles of life on the turbulent sea of struggles, always thanking my God for Christian parents such as we were blessed with.  May God rest their souls until the day when we can again be a united family over yonder where all is peace, joy and eternal happiness.

Written by member of the 4th generation:
Frank Crye

      This creation of ancestral history is the work of Frank Crye, which bears my signature at the conclusion of each copy.  Feeling the need for such history constrains me to try and supply my people, for posterity’s sake.  Seemingly no one else had the concern to tackle such a problem, for it is quite a task.  Had it not been for a good memory that God has endowed this humble servant with, I too could never have compiled and gotten into readable for this article.  For most of this was handed down to me when I was a boy under ten years of age by my dear Grandmother, whom I loved so dearly.
      So, you see, I have carried this knowledge almost seventy years, for she went home to glory when I was only ten years old.  Little did she think some day this little grandson would put this all in writing for our people.  Never the less, it is a source of satisfaction to be able to leave with my dear relation and kinsman, this creation for you all to keep that you might have some knowledge of your kinfolk after I am gone.

Signed, Frank Crye.

      Now, we must talk a little about this article found in Editions 3 and 4 of the Cry/Crye family newsletter, written by Frank Crye, from Larry in Ohio.
 Each sentence drove me to begin a closer search in the Blount County, TN records for information on this family.  I could find no mention of an Allison Scott, and several other matters did not coincide with information I had been given from different sources.  So I placed myself as a 10 year old, remembering and listening to stories and tales from my parents, grandparents and relatives.  My mother is a lot like this Frank Crye and has a fabulous memory, especially for details most of us would pass over.  So, as a ten year old, what was he hearing and remembering?
      He lists John Crye, came from Ireland, married and had seven children.  (Information received from the Blount County area lists a possible 10 children).  He mentions three brothers, John, b1772; Elias b1825; and Elihu b1818 who came from Ireland on a ship taking six weeks, and a possible fourth brother who settled on Sand Mt. Alabama.
      He mentions an uncle, Allison Scott, an Elisha, Matthew Carpenter, a Lee, Tom Anderson, and Matt Slone.  With one son, this would make the seven children he attests were born.
      I began to search for Allison Scott and Matthew Carpenter but did not locate families with this name.  I did find a Thomas Ellison Scott who married Rebecca R. Crye and I think this must be Allison.  I did find an Uncle Matt, but this was Matt Sloan married to the youngest daughter Josephine.  There were two Crye children married to Carpenters, Elizabeth married Elisha and Nancy Jane married Samuel T. Carpenter so I figure Uncle Matt must have been the Sloan, not Carpenter.
      Also, I have information that John and Martha may have had 10 children.  Not finding a will that lists children here are my thoughts:

 1830 Blount Co. TN lists John and Martha with 3 boys under 15 years old and five girls under 10.  1840 & 1850 I could not locate them and as of 1860 he had died of old age.  Here is my conclusion:

John Alexander b 3/29/1772 d 1/20/1859 Blount Co. TN
Martha b 2/3/1793 d 8/21/1859 Blount Co. TN
Elihu b 10/31/1819 d 9/18/1857 Blount Co. TN
Elizabeth b 4/25/1821 d 382281882  m/Elisha Carpenter
Sarah b 1/6/1822 d 10/16/1906 m/Jonathan Lee
Elias b 1/17/1824-5 d 9/21/1860 m/Nancy Jane Williamson
Nancy Jane b 10/10/1826 d 1/16/1864 m/Samuel T. Carpenter
John Shimmon b 8/17/1828 d 11/13/1863 m/Sarah C. Best
 Rebecca R. b 1829-30 d 1892 m/Thomas Ellison Scott
Malena E. b 1830 d ???? m/James Williamson
Mahala C. b 7/6/1831 d 5/28/1902 m/Thomas Anderson
Josephene b 1834 d ???? m/Mattison J.C. Sloancontinued from page 8
       I believe Elihu and Elias were sons, not brothers of John.  I did find the marriage for the Malena E. To James Williamson in 1850, which would make her a good candidate for daughter to John and Martha.  The Sand Mountain Crye’s have contacted me and they descend from John’s brother William who moved to McMinn Co. TN.

     I think this clarified some of the memories of a 10 year old Frank, giving us so information to cherish.  Thank you Larry for sharing Uncle Frank’s memories with us.  Without it we could not have completed this section of family.  If I have made errors, please contact me so we can correct this.


Dear Anita,
     I received your address from my aunt.  I am looking for any Crye’s that are related to my line, I will list the Crye men that I have information on.
Homer Lee  b 8/1871
John Thomas b 11/1856
John James  b 7/1830
David b 2/1797
William  b 1752
     I would appreciate all the help I can get.  Please contact
Ms. McCommas
P.O. box 187
Woodlawn, TX  75694
    Please send information about your Crye family Newsletter
George Crye
Buffalo, TX
Dear Anita:
     I got your name from my cousin.  I plan to attend college in the fall.  I am seeking information about scholarships and was wondering if you can help me on my Indian heritage.  I understand my gg grandmother was full blooded Indian.  Her name was Mary Lea Pierce who married James Crye in Blount Co. TN. 1867.  She was from NC and I have always been told she was full Indian.  Can you help me?
     Thank you in advance.

     Edith L. Pearce/Pierce/Ayers married Jonathan Crye in McMinn Co. TN ca 1835.  I cannot connect her to any family in the area.
    I was always told my grand-mother was full blooded Indian and I have begun to think maybe it was my Great grandmother.  Has anyone else submitted their information on this family?
     Thank you for your time.  I am enjoying the newsletter.

Please send all responses for queries to
Anita Green
1555 Lewis Street
Cleveland, TN 37311

1. Seeking parents of Thomas CRYE (1858-1926) who married Elizabeth HANNAH (1868-1929).    Both are buried in Avon Cemetery, NY.

2. Looking for descendants of David Crye from Scott Co., Mississippi.

3. I am trying to make a kinship connection between David Ritch and David Cry both of
    Mecklinburg Co NC and Muscogee/Talbot Co GA.   They were connected some years before 1847 because David Ritch named a son, Hardy Cry Ritch or Ritchie, and Hardy was at least 21  years old in 1847 and probably already in his 30's.    

4. Andrew WALKER married Sarah CRYE, they have a daughter Elizabeth WALKER  who married James Newell HOUSTON.   Any information on this family line would be helpful.             http:///

5. Looking for descendants of Jonathan CRY and Eunice LYTLE who were  married in Grant Co. Indiana, 1856.  1860 Census list them with children  Joseph 4; Elizabeth 2; and Peter 1.