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 VOL 3

December 1999

     Christmas Greetings.  What an exciting year we have had doing research and getting information regarding each individual family who has the Cry/Crye name.   Gathering all the information and “connecting the dots” has really made the family come together in ways I have could never have planned.  There was a contact from Texas asking for family and I was able to connect her line directly through my own family line.  How exciting when we are able to find family members and complete a whole family line.
     Since the time when we met in June, I have a new granddaughter; Abigail Summer Rose Sneed.  MiniSu gave birth on November 30, 1999 to a beautiful baby girl.  Mother and daughter are doing great and we are looking forward to showing her off when we meet again.
     With Christmas coming closer, I know genealogical research can take a back seat for most of us, however, please don’t forget to share your family heritage with those you gather with during the holidays.
     I have been told a marvelous story of a man who was very wealthy here in Bradley Co. TN.  He paid one of our ancestors to serve in the Civil War in place of his son.  As the story goes, our ancestor was killed and didn’t get to return to his family.  I haven’t found proof of this tale, however, every time I do research, this story surfaces.  I have made a point of telling this tale to my children, and as much family lore as I can remember because there is always a chance that I will not be able to research like I have in the past.  Tell! Talk! Share!  This is the best way to give the gift of remembrance.
     Oh Yes, while we were having our Summer reunion, there was another reunion being held in Mt. Calm, Texas with the descendants of James Pierce/Pearce Crye.  They had a great time and are planning another reunion in 2000.  We are working on the connection of this family.  Any of you from Mt. Calm, please write to me.  I would appreciate the input.
     There have been many requests regarding another reunion for 2000 and I guess I will just have to see how many are interested in joining up again, possibly in another location with new relatives to visit.
     I am making plans for a new and different format for the 2000 editions of Crye/Cry newsletter.  Hearing from you would put these plans into the final stages.


    I ask Irene Morgan to help me with an article from her side of the family and she has graciously agreed to contribute some about her great-great-grandmother, Cynthia Ann Crye Smith.  Just to show you how important family sharing is I am presenting her article with her notes.  Let me share her words:............

    Cynthia Ann Crye Smith is my great-great-grandmother.  The accompanying document about her life represents the concentrated effort of four years.  While I am happy to share this information with individuals who are also interested in genealogy and in the Crye Family in particular, I would appreciate your courtesy in recognizing and acknowledging the source of this material should you be able to make use of it.

     In particular, this relates to its use in printed form and I prefer that none of this information be submitted to the Internet without my express knowledge and permission.  I thank you for your courtesy and professionalism in complying to this request.

Resources and research facilities used include, but are not limited to, the following:
Manx Heritage Museum, Douglas, Isle of Man
St. Louis (MO) Public Library, Department of History and Genealogy
St. Louis (MO) Genealogical Society Library
LDS Family History Center, Frontenac, MO
LDS Family History Center, Hazelwood, MO
State Historical Society of Missouri – Columbia, MO
National Archives, Washington, DC
DAR Library, Washington, DC
National Genealogical Society Library, Arlington, VA
Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Dept of Interior, Bureau of Land Management – Eastern States, Springfield, VA
LDS Family History Center, Fredericksburg, VA
North Carolina State Archives, Raleigh, NC
State Historical Society Library, Madison, WI
Viola Public Library, Viola, WI
Vernon Co. Historical Society, Viroqua, WI
Vernon Co. Court House, Viroqua, WI
Richland Co. Historical Society, Richland Center, WI
Richland Co. Court House, Richland Center, WI
Monroe County Court House, Sparta, WI
WI Area Research Center (ARC) U of WI – LaCrosse, WI
     Of special importance in the process of producing this narrative have been the hours, years of them, of hearing our family’s stories from my cousin, his wife and daughter; Bertha Yoemans, John Crye of Auburn, IL and through the magic of internet, many others.  To all of you, named and unnamed, my heartfelt thanks.  It is for all of you, as well as myself and my immediate family, that this effort has been made.

     Cynthia Ann Crye Smith is my great-great-grandmother.  She was the fourth known child, first daughter, born to Joseph and Anna/Annie Crye.  While it is not known who Anna/Annie Crye’s parents were, Joseph was the fifth child of twelve born to William and Sarah (Hagans) Crye.  William came to what was to become America as a small child from the Isle of Man, with his parents, John and Catherine (Shimmin) Crye.  They first settled in Chester, PA, and then migrated south into the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  It is there that William and Sarah were married and began their family and where Joseph was born and married Anna/Annie.
 It is not known for certain where in NC Cynthia Ann was born.  However, in 1810 Joseph’s father, William and his family were listed in the 1810 NC Census as living in Burke Co. Subsequently, in 1815, the year after Cynthia was born (August 12, 1814), Joseph Crye appears on the tax lists of Burke Co., NC as does his brother, William, Jr.  It is probable, then, that Cynthia was born in Burke Co., but at the time of this writing that has not been proved.

     Little is known about her early life other than that she had three older brothers, John b 1806; Ephraim b1809; and Hugh (Hewitt) b1812.  Younger siblings include Elizabeth b1815; Polly b1816; Nelson b1823; Mary b1827; and Jonathan M b1829.  It is not known where Joseph or his father, William, were in 1820.  Censuses for NC, SC, TN, and IN have been searched and they do not appear in any of them.

     In 1830, Joseph and Anna appear in Bartholomew Co., IN.  Cynthia was 16 at that time.  It is known that the youngest of Joseph and Anna’s children, Jonathan M. Crye, was born in Indiana in 1829, while all the rest of them were born in NC.  Jonathan’s next oldest sister, Mary, was born in 1827, so it is probable, but not proved, that Joseph moved his family from NC to IN between 1827 and 1829.  It was after 1815 that cheaper land became available in Indiana so this could possibly have been the motivation for the move.

     It is known that Cynthia Ann Crye married Adam C. Smith in Bartholomew Co., Indiana September 30, 1831.  The marriage record gives her name, in the southern fashion, as “Cinthay”.  She would have been just 17 at that time, as she married a month after her birthday in August.  Cynthia and Adam Smith’s first child, John M. Smith, was born in Indiana in 1832 (probably in Bartholomew Co., as it is known that is where Cynthia and Adam were married and that is also where their next child was born.)  William Thomas Smith, from whom I am descended, was born December 19, 1834 in Bartholomew Co. IN.  Family lore has it that “…he had one foot turned backwards…”.
 In the 1840 IN Federal Census, Joseph and Anna are listed as living in Sand Creek, Bartholomew Co., IN.  Cynthia and Adam had been married nine years by that time and should have been listed separately.  However, none of the Adam Smith families in that census matched known family criteria.  As it is known that they were married in Indiana in 1831, and John born there in 1832, and William 1834, followed by Anna in 1846, it could be expected that they would appear.
Somewhere in the 1840 census, but for whatever reason, they do not.  The History of Howard and Tipton Cos. Indiana states that “Adam Smith settled in 1843 in Clay Township, Howard Co. IN.”  This is verified in the 1850 Indiana Census as the family appears living there at that time as follows:  Adam, 45; Cyntha, 36; John M., 18; William, 16; Anne, 4; William Cry (sic) 26; (it is not known at this time which William Cry this is but it can quite safely be assumed he was an extended family member.  His birthplace was given as Ohio.)  Joseph and Anna Cry (sic), both 63 were listed as living next door to the Smith family.  (This is the last evidence available about them at this time.  They have never appeared on documents of any kind in WI, so it can be speculated that they stayed in IN when the Smith family moved on to WI, but this has yet to be proved.)

     September 9, 1852, James Monroe Smith was born in Howard Co., IN and was followed by Mary, born 1855.  It is unclear if she was born in Indiana or WI.  The family is listed in the 1855 WI State Census in the town of Marshall, Richland Co., so it can be assumed Adam and Cynthia moved to WI sometime between 1852 – 1855.

    On February 10, 1864, Adam Smith made application for Homestead land, through the Federal Land Office in LaCrosse, WI Stark Township, Vernon Co. 160 acres.  In compliance with the regulations of the Homestead Act, on June 16, 1870, the required proof of occupancy and development was filed and included the following; “That the said, Adam C. Smith entered upon and made settlement on said land prior to the 10th of February 1864 and has built two houses thereon, both log houses.  The one he is now living in is 1 ½ stories high, board roof, 2 board floors, one outside door, 2 windows and is a comfortable house to live in…and that he has since said settlement ploughed, fenced, and cultivated about 15 acres of said land, and has made the following improvements thereon, to wit:  built 2 stables and a small granary.”  It also states that “he is the head of a family consisting of a wife and six children…”  This raises a question, as there are only five known children.  (There is family oral lore that says they had a son, Henry, who had a daughter and that they went to California; however, he never appeared on any census or any other document with the family, so this is questionable.)  In the 1878 plat map for Vernon Co., and additional 40 Acres is shown for C. Smith.  It is not known how this was acquired, but possibly by direct purchase, as there is not another federal land grant for Adam C. Smith.

     The 1870 WI Federal Census indicates that Adam, Cynthia and their son James were all living in Stark, Vernon Co. WI.  It is assumed from this that Mary had died sometime prior to this.  Living next door to them was their son, William Thomas Smith and his family.  (William Smith 33, artist, no real property, personal property listed as $100, born in IN; Eliza A. 30 Keeping house, born in IN, Cynthia 12 at home, born in WI; Elizabeth 8, at home born in WI, John 4 at home, born in WI and James Herman 8/12, at home, born in August in WI.)  There are some inaccuracies here, as it is known that Cynthia was born in NC not IN and Cynthia Smith and her sister, Hannah Elizabeth, according to the letter’s own statement in my presence, were born in MO.  (Hannah Elizabeth Smith Morgan is the only grandparent that I knew personally.)  However, other than her spoken word, there has never been any documentation obtained to corroborate this, although an extensive search has been made.  (109 entries on the 1860 Missouri Federal Census for “W. Smith, Wm Smith, William Smith and William T. Smith were all examined – none of which matched the family being searched for.  Although two of the Williams happened to have wives named Eliza, one was born in England, and the other couple was too old.  Additional research is needed here.)

     There is only one known photograph of Cynthia Ann Crye Smith and her husband, Adam, that has been passed down through the family and now is in the possession of Bertha Yoemans, another descendant of Cynthia Ann Crye Smith.  It is a small tintype (aprox 2 ½ x 3 ½) and portrays Adam seated on a double-runged wooden chair with his legs crossed while Cynthia is standing beside him with one hand on his shoulder.  Adam is wearing a suit with a vest over a dark shirt, buttoned to the neck.  He has a mustache and full white beard.  From the length of his crossed leg, it would appear that he was quite tall.  Cynthia, small and petite, is wearing a dark dress with long sleeves, buttoned down the front, with a large white collar.  She has dark hair worn pulled back away from her face.  One can assume that there could be a bun at the back of her neck, but that is not actually visible on the photograph.  In the background, the walls are covered with flowered wallpaper and there appears to be a drape covering what can be assumed to be a window, directly in the back of the couple.  As the 1870 census, mentioned above, states – William Smith was an artist, living next to his parents.  It is known that he also was a tintype photographer and maker of furniture.  It is interesting to speculate as to whether or not he may have taken this particular picture of his parents.  Since both Adam and William died in 1877, a few months apart, and given that Adam is white-bearded in the picture and from the style of the dress and pose, a guess is ventured that this photo was taken in the early 1870’s.

     Adam C. Smith died April 14, 1877 at the age of 73 and was buried at the Newburn Burial Ground, Vernon Co. WI.  His son, William Thomas Smith died the same year at age 42 of consumption and is buried at Bear Creek Cemetery, LaFarge, Wisconsin.  After a time, Eliza Ann Townsend Smith married her husband’s uncle, Jonathan M Crye, brother of Cynthia Ann Crye Smith, making him both my grandmother’s great-uncle and stepfather.  It took me a while to figure out when people were talking about “Grandma Smith” and “Grandma Crye” that they were one and the same person!

    On a plat map of Vernon Co. WI drawn in 1878, two plats of land are indicated as being owned by “C. Smith”, both in Sec 26.  An 80 acre plat on the east side and a 40 acre plat on the west side.  As mentioned above, this would indicate that an additional 40 acre plat was acquired in addition to the original 160 acre homestead grant.  However, it would also indicate that half of the original 160 acres homestead grant was no longer owned by the family.  Additional research in the land deeds of Vernon Co. is indicated to ascertain when and to whom this land was sold.

     The 1880 WI Federal Census listed “Cynthia Smith, keeping house”.  There is no indication of James, who would have been 27 at that time.  It is known that he never married and supposedly lived on the farm and worked it.

     On March 3, 1884, Cynthia Smith paid the Town Treasurer’s Office $6.56 for taxes for the year 1883 on 85 acres of land.  For purposes of comparison, the following prices were listed in the ads in the LaFarge Enterprise in issues from 1898:  cotton print material – .057 per yard; child’s knee pants .25-.75 7; eggs 10 ½ 7 per dozen; a concert ticket was .25 7; ticket to a dance .75 7, and you could stay at the Griffin Hotel for $1 a day, which included transportation to and from the railroad station.  While it is not known how much prices had increased from 1883 to 1898, this can give you a rough idea.

     On November 29, 1893 a deed was executed and signed by Cynthia Smith (hr mark) transferring ownership of 40 acres to James Smith and Anna E. Norris, her unmarried son and daughter, married to George Washington Norris, for the sum of $1.  The document further stipulated that “…they will comfortably provide for said first party and at her death give her remains decent burial.”  Cynthia would have been 79 at the time, James 41, and Anna 47.

To be continued in the next issue

Items I have found while surfing the net!

Mississippi Births
Scott Co.:
Residents of this county in 1917-18 and persons with links to this county
Crye, James Benjamin  born 22 October 1876   White

Newton Co.:
Residents of this county in 1917-18 and persons with links to this county
Crye, George   born 15 February 1877   Black

Leburne Co. AR Federal Land Records
This file was compiled from the Bureau of Land Management land records and includes homestead and cash entry patents before 1908 for what is now Cleburne Co., AR
Crye, Dora, land located in 7th dist, 10North   10West, 80 acres, August 18, 1890
Ida, Berdie, Gincie and Allie Crye children of John Crye (and Dora).

Lincoln County marriages 1893-1935  MT
COX, Barbara Louise (divorced), age 30 married STAUDACHER, Maurice W. age 30.  Married on Sept 26, 1935.  Bride’s parents are Ray WILLMAITH & Mary Ann STEFFENS, groom’s parents are Thomas STAUDACHER & Amanda CRYE.

JOHNSON, Aina Christine age 18 married Thomas Andrew STAUDACHER, Jr. on August 14, 1927.  Bride’s parents are Claus JOHNSON & Bertha JOHNSON, Groom’s parents are T.A. STAUDACHER & Amanda CRYE.

Louden Co. TN Cemetery:
Joseph Harrison Crye, died January 6, 1937 age 48 years, 2 months, 13 days.
Do you know this Joseph?

David H. Crye born March 26, 1886, died September 6, 1951 in McMinn Co. TN  Buried at Consauga Cemt next to Dessie Velver Crye, born September 13, 1897, died October 4, 1967.  (Who is this couple and where do they belong in the family line?)

Perry Co. Arkansas Cemetery Listings:
Crye, Edna M.  born December 8, 1916, died December 10, 1916
Crye, Mamie W. born December 12, 1885, died December 15, 1916
I am assuming this is mother and daughter.  Can anyone identify which family they belong?

Union Co. NC Cemetery:
Crye, James died October 21, 1850 age 35 years, 4 months 20 days.
Which James is this? Born June 1, 1815

Cemetery Records Tuttle Cemetery Adams Co. WI
Tuttle, Maurice L.  1923-1954
Crye, Eunice E. Tuttle  1925-1969

Burials – Buena Vista Cemetery, Buena Vista, GA – Marion County.

NOTE:  Marion County was formed December 14, 1827 from the counties of Lee and Muscogee – the land in Lee and Muscogee Counties being distributed in the Lottery of 1827.  Buena Vista is the County Seat.

M. Attaway, wife of D. E. Crye, born April 12, 1838 died December 30, 1908
David E. Crye, born October 15, 1836, died November 8, 1916
William R. Attaway, born May 6, 1834, died September 24, 1916
Where in the family line does this David fall?  If someone in GA can get me a copy of the death certificate it might list his parents, location of birth, etc.  Would our Georgia relatives send a copy of this to me?
Cass County Cemeteries:  Texas Records
O’Farrell, Crye, John T.  1850-1934
Now, I assume this is a descendant of Hugh Crye and the Attawat Crye family.  Am I correct?

Allen Co., Indiana Supplementary Index to Death Records, 1870-1896 page 34
Crye, John M. Male, white died September 3, 1885 Fort Wayne, Indiana.
(Brother to Cynthia Ann Crye Smith?)

Blount Co. TN Vital Statistics
Joe Houston Scott, died 1936, certificate #2617, age 74
Father:  Melton Scott, born in TN
Mother:  Rebecca R. CRYE, born in TN

Edith B. Fields, died 1940, certificate #55, age 2
Father:  Jeff M. Fields, born in Blount Co. TN
Mother:  Oval CRYE, born in Blount Co. TN

James Alfred CRYE, died 1941, death certificate #41, age 18
Father:  John H. CRYE born in TN
Mother:  Manda Tyler born in TN

St. Ann’s Catholic Church Cemt., Morganza Pointe Coupee Parish, LA.  Cemt. estb in 1918,
The first person buried was Paul B. Laiche, Pvt L 133 Inf. b Dec 23, 1895 d Jan 21, 1918

Elzear J. Laiche b June 9, 1859, died Dec 1927:
his wife:  Emma CRYE Laiche born March 2, 1866 died June 25, 1946

History of Albany, NY:  CRYE, Lourens, and Anna Margarita had a child, Philip Fredrick CRYE, born Jan 30, 1770.


American Civil War Soldiers

Name: William L. Cry
State Served: Illinois
Enlist Date: September 3, 1864
Enlist Rank:  Private
Enlist Age:
Enlist Place:
Army: Union
Name: David Cry
State Served: Illinois
Enlist Date: August 14, 1862
Enlist Rank:  Private
Enlist Age:
Enlist Place:
Army: Union
Name: Samuel Cry
State Served: Illinois
Enlist Date: August 20, 1861
Enlist Rank:  Private
Enlist Age:
Enlist Place:
Army: Union
Name: Leandre Cry
State Served: New York
Enlist Date: October 11, 1961
Enlist Rank:  Private
Enlist Age: 23
Enlist Place: New York, City, NY
Army: Union
WWI Civilian 
Draft Registrations
Name: Albert Crye
Birth Date: June 15, 1880
Birth Place: Madison, Louisiana
Ethnicity: Black
Name: James Cry
Birth Date: October 6, 1875
Birth Place: Madison, Louisiana
Ethnicity: Black
Name: Ben Oliver Cry
Birth Date: August 9, 1879
Birth Place: Madison, Louisiana
Ethnicity: Black
Name: James Cry
Birth Date: May 30, 1898
Birth Place: Madison, Louisiana
Ethnicity: Black
Name: George Cry
Birth Date: February 15, 1877
Birth Place: Newton, Mississippi
Ethnicity: Black
     I believe these men descend from a David Crye found in LA, MS, and GA from 1850-1880.  Can anyone give me any additional information?  I haven’t been able to place them in the family line.  Please, if you are related to the LA, GA, MS Crye’s contact me.
     Many people have shared information with me on their families.  Being able to completely create a family line is difficult without input from others as well.  Please write and help me create a central database for families to question about their ancestors.  I have not, and do not intend to submit my information for any profitable purpose.  I will share with anyone who asks in a personal letter, but not for publication.  I simply want to help others in their quest and search for their ancestors.  Thank you and I look forward to hearing from more of you in 2000.
    Here is a list of old occupations compiled by a Dan Burrows who put these 130 items together from many sources.  It might be of interest as we search old records and come across some of these terms.  Some of the words have evolved to mean other things in modern times.  Hope they are of help to you, especially when reading census records or wills.
Accomptant Accountant
Almoner Giver of charity to the needy
Amanuensis Secretary or stenographer
Artificer A soldier mechanic who does repairs
Bailie Bailiff
Baxter Baker
Bluestocking Female writer
Boniface Keeper of an inn
Brazier One who works with brass
Brewster Beer manufacturer
Brightsmith Metal Worker
Burgonmaster Mayor
Caulker One who filled up cracks (in ships or windows or seems to make them watertight by using tar or oakum-hem fiber produced by taking old ropes apart
Chaisemaker Carriage maker
Chandler  Dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles; retailer of groceries, ship supplier
Chiffonnier Wig maker
Clark Clerk
Clerk Clergyman, cleric
Clicker  a) The servant of a salesman who stood at the door to invite customers;
 b) one who received the matter in the galley from the compositors and arranged it in due form ready for printing;
 c) one who makes eyelet holes in boots using a machine which clicked.
Cohen Priest
Collier Coal miner
Colporteur Peddler of books
Cooper One who makes or repairs vessels made of staves & hoops, such as casks, barrels,  tubs, etc.
Cordwainer Shoemaker, originally any leather worker using leather from Cordova/ Cordoba in Spain
Costermonger Peddler of fruits and vegetables
Crocker Potter
Crowner Coroner
Currier a) One who dresses the coat of a horse with a currycomb;
b) one who tanned leather by incorporating oil or grease.
Docker Stevedore, dock worker who loads and unloads cargo
Dowser One who finds water using a rod or witching stick
Draper A dealer in dry goods
Drayman One who drives a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads
Dresser A surgeon's assistant in a hospital
Drover  One who drives cattle, sheep, etc. to market; a dealer in cattle
Duffer Peddler
Factor Agent a) commission merchant;
b) one who acts or transacts business for another;
c) Scottish steward or bailiff of an estate
Farrier A blacksmith, one who shoes horses
Faulkner Falconer
Fell monger One who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making
Fletcher One who made bows and arrows
Fuller a) One who fulls cloth.
b) One who shrinks and thickens woolen cloth by moistening, heating and pressing;
c) one who cleans and finishes cloth
Gaoler A keeper of the goal, a jailer
Glazier Window glassman
Hacker Maker of hoes
Hatcheler One who combed out or carded flax
Haymonger Dealer in hay
Hayward Keeper of fences
Higgler Itinerant peddler
Hillier Roof tiler
Hind A farm laborer
Holster A groom who took care of horses, often at an inn
Hooker Reaper
Hooper One who made hoops for casks and barrels
Huckster Sells small wares
Husbandman  A farmer who cultivated the land
Jagger Fish peddler
Journeyman One who had served his apprenticeship and mastered his craft, not bound to serve a master, but hired by the day
Joyner / Joiner A skilled carpenter
Keeler Bargeman
Kempster Wool comber
Lardner Keeper of the cupboard
Lavender Washer woman
Lederer Leather maker
Leech Physician
Longshoreman Stevedore
Lormer Maker of horse gear
Malender Farmer
Maltster Brewer
Manciple A steward
Mason Bricklayer



     Here are some queries posted on the Internet:  If you have answers to these questions many families would be eager to hear from you.  If you can drop me a line, I will contact these people and share your responses.

1.  I am looking for information on William and Mary Crye.  They had a son named Rich Turner Crye, born September 23, 1878.  He was married to Rosa Annie Lee on September 13, 1913.  Looking for info and family members.  Rich and Annie are my grandparents.  Thanks, Tammy

2.  Looking for information on Rosamund Cry, married to Charles W. Chase, possibly from Lynn MA.  They had at least 1 child born there, Fanny, born May 16, 1878.  Make that mid 1800’s

3.  Martha S. Cofield, I may have sent my address but am not sure.  I do want the Crye newsletter.

4.  Please include me in the newsletter:  I am descended from John and Martha through daughter Sallie and her son Elihu Lee.  Any help would be especially appreciated.

5.  David Crye married Elizabeth (Holly?) Tuck Jan 2, 1833 in Blount Co. TN.  Did this couple have a son named John James Crye?  His son, John Thomas Crye (Marion Co., GA to Cass Co. TX) was my gr-gr-grandfather.

6.  My great grandfather was William Crye who married Suzannah Davies in Liverpool England March 7, 1899.  His father was John Crye.  William was from the United States.  We think William was born in Isle of Mann in 1861 or there about.  He died 1918 in Liverpool England.

7.  I'm looking for information on Vesta Cry born abt 1889 in TN married to Charlie Thomas Smith born abt 1890 in OK..  Haven't been able to name her parents as of yet.  Any info appreciated.  His parents are Charlie Smith and ?Zumwalt.

8.  I have new information for my search.  I'm looking for information for Timothy Titus Cry b. abt 1875 married to Samantha Ellen Lawson b.abt 1878.  Both lived in TN.  I know 2 of their children were Vesta B. Cry b. 1899 in TN, and Cressville T. Cry b1904 in TX.  Please email me with info.  Thanks

     I have a Timothy H. Crye, married to Samantha Lawson, birth ages closer to 1858 and 1863.  I have run across the name Cressville before, but could not put it with a family.  Timothy who married Samantha Lawson came from Bradley Co. TN, son of Jonathan and Edith L. Ayers Pierce Crye.  Are these one and the same?  I have children of Timothy and Samantha as Daisy, Luther, Bascombe, Richard and Jonathan Ethan.  What information do you have?  I am very interested.