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October 2000
      I have waited until late to complete this newsletter in hopes of hearing from more families regarding the Crye/Cry family name.  Each time I go to the mail box I anticipate hearing from another line which will enable me to connect with someone else and maybe all the families will be in some order.  However, what I am finding out is there are many of us who seem to have no connection to one another.  At the onset of this newsletter I was convinced that we descended from three brothers.   Now, I am finding many from other parts of the world and cannot connect them.  On a recent trip to Missouri, I spent quite a bit of time there in the library looking for census hits I had taken from  In the search, I discovered a David Crye from Ireland living in Illinois, a John Crye from Baden Germany, and one complete family who hailed from Hanover Canada.

      One of the entries I saw in California listed an AH Crye from China.  Well I pulled that film and found the name was actually “Ah Hy” from China.  The name had been listed totally wrong.  Today, I looked over the census of Monroe Co. Mississippi.  The actual film lists a John Crye or Crze, but it looked an awfully lot like Crye.  He is listed with 12 people in his household.  Two males born around 1765 and a young male born bout 1818.  The appearance of the ages leads me to believe that he had someone living with him other than his immediate children, possibly a married son, brother and wife, etc.  Placing this John Crye in our family line has proven difficult for me.  I am sure that he belongs, and may just be a variation of James/John.  But that is grasping.  There are also Crye’s in New York and Pennsylvania that I was surprised to find and haven’t been able to find their place in the family line.

      Let me thank each of you who have sent your family lines, and have requested information that I have collected on respective lines.  I get delayed in answering sometimes because of my role as Pastor’s wife, and full time work as a secretary, but I haven’t forgotten any of your correspondence.  I have it laid out with a reminder to respond ASAP.

      Well, I look forward to hearing from you with your family lines completely traced, documented, and submitted for publication.  Well, maybe not, but at least you have questions and are asking.

      Merry Christmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and possibly Happy New Year.  May all our searches be prosperous.                             Anita….



This was copied from the internet, personal records, and LDS records.

     Joseph A. Crye was born January 25, 1859 in Chatooga Co. GA.  1860 finds his family in Bradley Co. TN with this listing:
Crye, David    35
           Celia    40
           WM.    11
           Mary    9
           Martha 8
           Andy     6
           Ellen     4
           Jos        1

     The  1870 Census of  ForsytheCo. Ga finds this Joseph living as a farm hand with John Wallace.  Joseph Alexander married in 1879 in Chatooga Co. GA, and died in 1912 in Conway Ark.  He married Nancy Ardella June Satterfield who was born in 1859, and died in 1940 in Conway Ark.  She was the daughter of Thomas J. Satterfield and Francs Townsend.  Joseph and Nancy’s first four children, Francis Ellen, Thomas David, Nancy Ardella, and  Charlie Alexander were all born in Menlo, Chatooga Co. GA.  In 1886 their fifth child Nola Ethel Penola was born in Conway Ark.  The next three children John Rufres, Joann and George Edward were also born in Conway Ark.  Faulkner Co., Ark, Federal Land Records give a listing that Joseph A. obtained 40 acres April 14, 1897.

     Joseph and Nancy’s second child, Thomas David (David Thomas) Crye married Fannie L. Hairston who was born October 1887, and died 1966 in Arkansas.  Their children:

Lois Crye
Tom Crye.
Willlie Bell Crye
Jack Crye.
James D. Crye
Irene Crye.
     I have contacted the person from Pocatello Idaho who submitted the information, but the letter was returned to me as undeliverable.  I haven’t been able to contact anyone who is related, but I would love to hear from someone who has corrections, additions, or information regarding this son of David and Celia Crye.

First Census in 1790 – Only 12 states
Ø Virginia at that time included what is now the State of Kentucky.
Ø Maine, part of Mass.
Ø North Carolina, included Tennessee
Ø Alabama and Mississippi as part of Georgia.
Ø Many States have Census between 1790, 1800, and 1810
Ø Illinois 1855,
Ø New York and Kansas 1776
Ø South Carolina, one of the original 13 states 1790 Census
Ø Census taken beginning August 1790 took each family 1850-1900 then 1840-1890

Minnesota Land Records
Isaiah Crye
Homestead land grant, 05/15/1880.
Signed his name to 80 acres in Polk Co.

Wisconsin Land Records
Isaiah Crye
Homestead land grant 05/15/1876.  Signed his name to 80 acres in Dunn Co. WI

John Crye
Homestead land grant 09/25/1872.
Signed his name to 160 acres in Dunn Co. WI

Johnathan M. Crye
Homestead land grant, 02/10/1876.
Signed his name to 80 acres in Eau Claire Co. WI

Alex Crye
Plat book Chippeaw Co. WI 1888.  Landowner

Faulkner Co. ARK Land Records.
Joseph Crye, April 14, 1897 40 acres

Cleburne Co. ARK Land Records
John Crye
Wife Dora, children:  Ida, Berdie, Gincie and Allie.  40 acres

California Land Records
Nelson Z. Crye
Homestead land grant 03/30/1882.
Signed name to 80 acres in Kings Co.

Orego Land Records
William Crye
Sale – Cash entry 12/05/1884.  Signed his name to 160 acres in Umatilla Co.

Mecklenburg Co. NC
July 9, 1794, State Grant 1220 ISD at Newbern the 100 acres to John Cry by J. Glasgow, Sec., 100 acres on Twelvemile Cr. Adj Charles Gillespie, widow Gilleland, and other lands of Cry.

Mecklenburg Co. NC
August 18, 1779, Hugh Crye and wife Elizabeth to Jacob Seers for £3,000 current NC money 270 acres.  Proved April 1782

April 14, 1779 James Cook SR of Mecklenburg Co. NC to William Crye of same, 300 acres on a branch of TwelveMile Creek adk. Robert Davies, James Cook (seal) Wit. James Paxton, John Howey

Probate records for Tulare Co. CA 1859-1920 Crye, N.F. Estate Probated March 1, 1889 (Crye, N.F. married Lydia Mills December 24, 1875 Tulare Co. CA)

From the Internet:
      In the lower left hand corner of most deeds, you will find signatures of two to four witnesses.  The first one is (most always, but not cast in concrete) from the husband’s side.  The next one is always from the wife’s side.  This is to protect her 1/3 dower right under the law.  Nothing you will ever use will give greater clues to maiden names than witnesses to old deeds



Amis, J.L. to S.M. Crye May 16, 1912 Miller Co. ARK
Anderson, Thomas to Mahalia C. Crye 1857 Blount Co. TN

Bowman, Caleb to Elizabeth Cry March 15, 1832 Bartholomew Co. IND

Craig, William to Isbil Cry 1794 Mecklenburg Co. NC
Cry, Hewit/Hugh to Penelope Cook December 15, 1831 Bartholomew Co. IND
Cry, Hugh to Elizabeth Allen Sept 2, 1858 Miami Co. IIND
Cry, J.H. to Jane Cash October 21, 1879 Murray Co. GA
Cry, John to Edith Taylor June 12, 1834 Bartholomew Co. IND
Cry, John to Elizabeth Hill November 17, 1869 Jackson Co. AL
Cry, Jonathan to Eunice Lytle January 3, 1856 Grant Co. IND
Cry, Nelson to Eliza Jane Raines May 22, 1845 in Bartholomew Co. IND
Cry, Replogle to Minta Rose march 22, 1911 St. Joseph Co. IND
Crye, Ben to Mary Edwards June 21, 1900 Scott Co. MS
Crye, David to Hettie Futch March 13, 1974 Scott Co. MS
Crye, David to Elizabet Tuck January 2, 1833 Blount Co. TN
Crye, David to Jean Elott January 12, 1797 Mecklenburg Co. NC
Crye, Ephraim to Sally Hall April 28, 1831 Dearborn Co. IND
Crye, Ernest to Julia Jordan March 16, 1935 Rowan Co. NC
Crye, Jake to Mildred Turner November 14, 1900 Knapp Co. WI

 (Father & Mother of groom Isiac & Mary Herold Crye
 Father & Mother of bride Levi Turner and Viola M. Mack)
Crye, James to Francis Reddick October 16, 1855 Marion Co. GA
Crye, James to Mary AnnHawkins September 27, 1839 Lumpkin Co. GA
Crye, J.B. to Bettie Miles March 19, 1899 Scott Co. MS
Crye, Nathan to Francis Hall December 23, 1875 Scott Co. MS
Crye, Nathan to Jo Ann Finley Sept 7, 1897 Scott Co. MS
Crye, Nelson J./Z./F. to Lydia Mills December 24, 1875 Tulare Co. CA
Crye, Sim to Elizabeth Sims February 13, 1897 Scott Co. MS
Crye, William to Rachel Hobart February 28, 1831 Geauga Co. OH
Crye, William E to Lillian Cooper Bryson April 26, 1915 Cherokee Co. NC
Crye, William to Elizabeth Barker August 10, 1822 Haywood Co. NC

Eads, Tarlton M. to Elizabeth Cry August 2, 1834 Olgethorpe Co. GA

Goss, John to Mary Cry October 14, 1849 Bartholomew Co. IND

Holder, David  to Christena V. Cry November 4, 1857 Henry Co. IND

Irick/Quick, William to Polly Cry November 10, 1840 Bartholomew Co. IND

Johnson, Andrew to L.D. Crye August 24, 1893 Claiborne Parish LA

Ketchings, Warren to Mattie Cry April 1, 1896 MS

Lanning, William H. to Alice Cry April 16, 1883, Jay Co. IND
Lowrey, Frederick to Martha Cry February 10, 1884, Madison Co. IND

Pearce C. D. to Clara Crye 1926 Union Co. ARK
Powell, L.D. to M.J. Crye May 14, 1893 Claiborne Parish LA

Riley, Henry to Hattie Cry April 2, 1896; MS

Smith, Adam to Cinthay Cry October 2, 1831 Bartholomew Co. IND
Starkey, Jas. Edward to Vera H. Cry Sept 25, 1907 Miami Co. IND
Stout, Solomon to Phelope Cry July 30, 1835 Bartholomew Co. IND

Weaver, Alfred to Z. Sertha Cry April 23, 18?? Cass Co. IND
Willoughby, Hezekiah to Margaret Crye November 17, 1854, Blount Co. TN

 (These marriage have been found through different research locations and from the internet.  If you are interested in a copy of any particular record you can write the County Court House for each given county sending an SASE with $1.00 to $3.00 and they will send you a copy of this record.)



      Obituary of Jacob Daniel Crye’s parents, Isiah S. Crye (sic).  Dunn Co. New, January 15, 1904.  Isiah Crye (sic) an old settler and veteran of the Civil War died at his home January 12, of Dropsy of the heart.

      Mary Crye – Wife of Isiah S. Crye (sic), Dunn Co. News April 20, 1919.  Ms Mary Crye died in her home in Knapp, Wednesday morning, April 19 after an extended illness of Bright’s disease.  She had reached the age of 65 years, forty-five of which had been spent in that vicinity.  Her husband has been dead for twelve years.

      Five children are left to mourn the loss of a loving mother, namely:  James, Tine, Mrs. Effie Yoder and Jess of Knapp and Jacob of Couderay.  Funeral services will be held tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock from the house, with the Rev. H.C. Hall in charge.  Internment will be held/made at Teegarden Cemetery.


    Plans for Reunion 2001 are completed June 23, 2000.  This year we will be having a “Photo Reunion”.  I have made arrangements to have a digital camera present to take shots of all the pictures brought.  These will then be scanned onto a disk and for a minimal charge, mailed to each who order it.  This way, no photos will be out of your possession, but will be made available to those additional family members who haven’t pictures of their past.  We have reserved an outdoor pavilion on 64 Hwy with access to a church fellowship hall that will seat 100.  Directions: Coming from Knoxville on I-75, take Exit 25, turn right at the bottom of the ramp, go 4.4 miles and take a right onto Ocoee Exit East.  Go 4 miles and the Pavilion is on the right.  Signs will be posted.  Coming from Chattanooga on I-75, take Exit 25 and turn left at the bottom of the ramp.  Go 4.2 miles to Ocoee Exit East.  Go 4 miles and the Pavilion is on the right.  Signs will be posted.



     Here is a neat test of your knowledge of “old timer’s diseases”.    Cover the right column and see how many you  get correct.

Fits ·  Seizures
Mad hatter’s disease ·  Mercury poisoning causing brain damage; seen in felt hat assemblers
Consumption ·  Tuberculosis
Quinsy ·  Tonsillitis
Dropsy ·  Edema (swelling) associated with congestive heart failure
Grocer’s itch ·  Skin disease caused by mites in sugar and flour
Malignant sore throat ·  Diphtheria
Grippe ·  Flu
Diary fever ·  A fever lasting one day; notable, considering the death rate associated with fevers
Trench mouth ·  Painful ulcers and gingivitis along gum line due to poornutrition and hygiene; first named after soldiers in trenches during World War I
Milk sickness ·  Disease from milk of cows that had eaten poisonous weeds
Winter fever ·  pneumonia


War of 1882 Muster Rolls
Cry, Frederick 51 Reg’t (Amey’s) Maryland Militia Private Roll 50
Cry, John 1 Reg’t (Wynne’s) W. TN Militia Private Roll 50
Cry, Rellih Major Blue’s Detachment, Chickasaw Indian Private Roll 50

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Crye, Charles Alexander Dec 22, 1883 White  Perry ARK
Crye, John Rofus Nov 3, 1888 White Conway ARK Perry ARK
Crye, James Benjamin Oct 22, 1876 White  Scott MS

WWI Civilian Draft Registrations
Cry, Albert June 15, 1880 Black  Madison LA
Cry, Ben Oliver August 9, 1879 Black  Madison LA
Cry, James Oct. 6, 1875 Black  Madison LA
Cry, James May 30, 1898 Black  Madison LA
Cry, George Feb. 15, 1877 Black  Newton MS

American Civil War Soldiers
NAME St. Served Enlist Date Enlist Rank Enlist Place Army
Cry, William L Illinois Sept 3, 1864 Private  Union
Cry, Samuel Illinois Aug 20, 1861 Private  Union
Cry, David Illinois Aug 14, 1862 Private (see note) Union
Cry, Leandre New York Oct 11, 1861 Private New York, NY Union
Cry, Richard Georgia June 15, 1861 Private  Confed
Crye, Jacob D Indiana Sept 21, 1861 Private  Union
Crye, Richard Georgia June 15, 1861 Private  Confed

NOTE: David Crye above is buried at the Avon Cemetery in New York.

Revolutionary War Muster Rolls
NAME Given Name Rank Induction Rank Discharge Roll Box
Cry,  Hezihiahhen Private  19
Cry John Private  72



Heading: The Levies (Weissenfels)  Heading: The Levies (Malcom)
Rank: Enlisted Men  Rank: Enlisted Men
Name: John Cry  Name: John Cry

Heading: The Levies (Graham)
Rank: Enlisted Men
Name: John Cry

Heading:  The Line and the Levies (Not Identified)
Sub-Heading:  The following men according to the certificates of the muster-masters) served either in the Line or the Levies, having been hired by the several classes under the Land Bounty Rights; but, there is nothing in the Land Bounty Rights to indicate in which regiment of the Line or the Levies they served.  Their regiments, however, are indicated elsewhere.

Book Title:  Virginia Military Records
An effective return of Capt. William Henry’s Company of Minute Men at Northampton Court-house in Virginia, Feb. 17, 1776 (Revolutionary War Soldiers)

Captain: William Henry
Lieutenants: John Highland George Wm. Firrester
Ensign: William Clark
Adjutant: Robert Campbell - Volunteer
Surgeon: William Tillotson - Volunteer
Sergeants: Enos Reeses George Visant William Sprout Charles Irons
Corporals: John Day  James Henry  Robert Guy Garrett Vinsant
Fifer: William McKinsey
Drummer: Joseph Curdy

John Bone, Stephen Body, Ben Brockston, Henry Bostick,Lambert Boyer, John Burnside, Henry Clark, Edward Clayton,James Camper, John Coks, Jno Cry, Isaac Cornelius, Wm. Davis, Samuel Davis, Samuel Eedo, Isaac Freeman, Daniel Ferguson, Abram Freeman, Selathiel Freeland, Ben. Garland, Lambert Flowers, Jas. Gready, Oliver Gallop, Wm Gray, Wm Heally, Jno Hurt, Jas Hurt, Peter Justice, Wm Johnston, Nathl Knock, David Kain ,Frans Lennan, Geo Little Sr, Geo Little Jr, Jno Miller, Jno McGowan, Wm Miers, Enoch Massey, Saml Money,Jas Newsom, Richard Nabb, Wm Peticrue, Charls Philipshill, Andrew Parks, Saml Redgrave, Benedict Pennington, Math Richardson, Thos Reed, Jno Richardson, Jacob Richardson, Thos Sewell, Thos Sappington, Jno Stevenson, Ben Stoops, Jno Stoops, Marlow Taylor, Peregrine Thrift, Jno Vinsant, Christr Vinsant, Ben Vinsant, Jas Wilson Sr, Jas Wilson Jr, Now Wilson, Wm Wilson, Jno Wilmore, Jas Woodland, Robt Young


     Home to over 400 Civil War battlefields, Tennessee was the first confederate state to be readmitted to the Union following the war.  This database is a collection of regimental histories from the state during the war.  Each history chronicles the regiment’s actions during the war and includes names of commanders and important men.  In addition to providing copious histories for these regiments, a memorial roll is included for men who fell in battle.  For researchers of Civil War ancestors, this can be an illuminating source of information.

      My personal line:  Crye, Jonathan, died April 9, 1863 in Loudon Co. TN

     I would like to share with you a family line I have been doing some research on.  Now to preface this, I can only surmise some things, but I feel these conclusions are obvious.  If this is your family line, please help me fill in some of the blanks and I will submit the corrected version for all readers.  Thank you.

     In the earliest beginnings of this newsletter I mentioned that John F. Crye from Illinois had written a book on the Crye’s.  The following is a copy of some of his work.

    James (Jimmy) Crye, as he was called, was the father of James Hawkins (our grandfather).  Note his birth date, 1799.  This was the year George Washington died.  Farther back in the 1790 census we find a James, John and William Crye living in Mecklenburg Co. NC which was one of the oldest settlements in the state.  I would venture a guess that James was the father of our Jimmy, but at that time, only heads of households were listed in the census, so I have no way of digging out.   Our James left NC and settled in Bradley Co. TN in late 1830 or early 1840’s.  He took up with one Eveline Melton, a widow with 2 sons by a previous marriage.  We found no marriage record here, however that doesn’t necessarily mean there wasn’t one.  Records were fuzzy then and sometimes they never bothered with them at all.  James was already in his 40’s when he came to Tennessee and pretty well off for that time as he purchased a section of land (640 acres) near Cleveland, TN.  They farmed and here our relatives were born.  First, J. Scott, born 1843, James Hawkins (our grandfather) 1852, and a girl called Sis.  She married a Pendergrass and they lived at South Pittsburg, TN and I assume she would be buried there somewhere.  I could find nothing other than Sis on this girl for a name.  There is a picture of her at home and dad told us that it was Aunt Sis., J. Scott.

    I don’t know whether the J. is for James or John, but this is the way it was listed in the Bible.  James Hawkins, our grandfather, is the other    child   of   this   marriage   to    Eveline Melton. 

   Wash and William Melton, along with J. Scott were of military age when the Civil War started.  First, here let me tell you that Jimmy, our great grandfather sold his 640 acres just as the war started and was paid off in Confederate money and lost every-thing he had as the Confederate money was no good.  William Melton joined the Confederate Army, was wounded and died in a Yankee prison.  Wash Melton and J. Scott Crye was supposed to have come north and joined the Yankee army.  The Confederates knew this and every so often would raid the Crye place to try to catch them when they would slip home to visit.  The Crye’s were so harassed during this period by the Democrats that they turned Republican and have to this day remained Republican.  That is, most of the immediate family anyway.  I can find no state with a J. Scott Crye serving in the Yankee forces, however, he returned home after the war, so did Wash Melton.  I personally suspect they were just hiding out there somewhere until the war ended.

    Our grandfather, James Hawkins was only about 12 years old when the war broke out but he had a very vivid memory of the war, especially the Yankee raids on the farm.  The Yankee Officers would do everything possible to infuriate great grandfather Jimmy, and once after they had left, James Hawkins, then 12, asked his father why he didn’t hit that Yankee Officer for calling him a damn liar.  Great grandfather Jimmy said “son, that was exactly what he wanted me to do so he could shoot me.”

    James Hawkins and J. Scott came to Cape Girado, MO shortly after the Civil War.  James Hawkins worked and saved enough money to go back to Tennessee and buy 40 acres of land and take care of his parents until they died and raise his large family there, including our father’s.  J. Scott stayed in MO and Hawkins had a few letters from him.  Then they never heard anymore.  I think their last letter indicated he had moved over into northern Arkansas.  They then lost any trace of him and never heard again.  There are Cryes in Arkansas at Conway, where a Crye owns a bank and a large shoe store, but they don’t know anything about their people. 

   James Hawkins said J. Scott was red headed, blue eyed, stood well over six feet tall and was mean as a damn snake.  He also said Scott was known to have been married at least three times and had some children by each wife.

                     John F. Crye

Let me just give you the information I have and you draw your own conclusion.

      In 1839 in Lumpkin Co. GA, James Crye marries Mary Ann Hawkins.  A short time after 1840 a James Crye arrives in Bradley Co. TN, and obtained land in the South Eastern section of this County.

      In the 1850 Bradley Co. TN Census, household #603, finds James Crye born ca 1800 in NC living with wife Mary who appears to have been born about 1793.  Living in the household is a female, Saphronia born about 1825.  In household #605 we find a “Perlina” Melton born about 1817 with sons Washington 14, William 9, and Calvin 7.  In household #616 there is an Adam Carpenter from NC born about 1820 with his wife Isabell born about 1820.

      In the 1860 Census of Bradley Co. TN, in household #1700 you find James Cry age 60, wife Mary age 70 and female Saphia age 40.  Next door in household #1701 is Emeline Melton, age 40, sons Calvin age 15, Winfield S. age 10, James H age 8, and Mary J. age 6.  Four doors down in household #1705 is David Cry, age 35, wife Celia age 40, son William 11, Mary age 9, Martha 8, Andy 6, Ellen 4, and Joseph 1.  In household #1730 we find Adam Carpenter age 41, wife Isabella age 39.

     In the 1870 Census of Bradley County TN in household #47 we find Calvin Melton age 24.  And next door in household #48 James Cry age 72, wife Evaline age 54, son Scott age 19, son Hawkins age 17, and daughter Mary Jane age 15.  Household #49, George W. Melton age 34 with wife Jane age 23.  Household #50 lists Adam Carpenter age 62, wife Isabella 47, and a female Saffina Cry age 46.

     In the1880 Bradley Co. TN Census, household #223 we find George Melton age 41, wife Jane 28 and daughter Ellen 4.  In household #151 we find Adam Carpenter age 61, wife Isabella age 63 and female Sapphire Cry age 60 listed as a cousin.  Next door in household #152 is James H. Crye age 37, Rachel M. age 23, Sarah age 1, James Scott age 4/12.

      Going on the internet, I located the Melton family and did some reading.  What I found is they have record of Elisha Melton marrying “Perlina/Emeline” and having four sons, one who is never listed again after 1850.  The sons are William T., George Washington, and Calvin.  William and Calvin go to Cape Girado about 1870-80.  The family tracing proves William and his marriage to Martha Denton.  So, this is the same family.

    William T. Melton, was born about 1841 in TN and died February 19, 1889 (according to internet records).  He married Martha Denton November 4, 1865 in Bradley County, Tennessee, daughter of Isaac Denton and Jennirjane Roland.

The 1900 Cape Girardeau MO. Census lists:
Denton,   George W., Oct 1855, age 44,
                Jane            April 1832, MO,
                Mary,          Jul 1851,   48, sister;
Rowland, Sarah J.,      Jun 1842;  57 aunt;
Melton,   Calvin,         Sep 1870, 20, nephew;
                John,            Sep 1877, 22, nephew,
                Charley,       Sep 1880, 19, nephew;
                Ida,              Aug 1882, 17, niece;
                Joseph,         Sep 1884,15, nephew.

     The part of the story from James F. Crye about them going to MO to work to earn money to purchase a farm appears to match this family.

     Finding this 1900 Census and the listing for Sarah Rowland as aunt really attracted my attention, because in 1870 in Bradley Co. TN a W.S. Crye married Sarah Rowland.

     Now, W. S. Crye appears to be Winfield Scott Crye, who is listed in the household of Eveline Melton in 1860 as Winfield S. age 10, and James H age 8.  In 1870 James Crye and Eveline Melton are living together as husband and wife and the children listed are Scott age 19, Hawkins 17, and Mary Jane 15.  It seems apparent that Mary Jane is “Sis”; James H. is James Hawkins Crye; and Winfield Scott is the previously listed James Scott Crye.

     The Melton boys, William T. and Calvin arrive in Cape Giradeau, Missouri according to tax lists some time about 1874.  In 1880 George Melton is still living in Bradley Co. TN.

     In 1880 William Melton isn’t listed with W. S. Crye or Sarah in the household, so I don’t know when they (Scott & Sarah) arrived in Missouri.  But, sometime in the 25 years after William & Calvin settling there, W.S. Crye “Scott” and Sarah were somewhere close.

     I would appreciate some feed back on this family line.




    I am looking for information on a “Sis” Crye who married Jasper Pendergrass.  I am interested in finding more about the Pendergrass side of the family.  If you have any information you are willing to share, please email me at  wwoods@WORLD.STD.COM

     My grandmother is Eda R. Lightfoot Quick Hummel born: August 22 1867 in KoKomo Indiana, she was a seamstress with her sister Rachel, she migrated later to Fairchild Wisconsin married my grandfather Ira Warren Hummal in Greenwood Wisconsin, had a daughter Myrtle I. Hummel who is my mother.  I am Franchone Graham Gray.  Please e-mail me at  I am so excited knowing there are so many relatives.  My grandmother had said she was raised as a Quaker and I have pictures of her brothers and some relatives I do not know its fantastic to see this page.  I would like to have contact with Mike Shaver of the Henie Crye Descendents report.  My grandmothers parents were Francis Marion Lightfoot and Maryanne Crye.